Courage Freedom Journey

Heart of Steel: The Rise of Synobians.

“In a world full of chaos, only the strongest survives, and if you want to survive you must learn how to kill.”


Chapter 1.


The great war between the Cremsonn and Terrekka had started. It was the first day of spring. Nature was slowly regaining its former shape, the green leaves beginning to grow with the presence of sunlight. The wind made its way to touch the bare trees to sway for lazy dance. The ward suddenly hampered the spring blossom, and the serenity amongst the cities was no longer in harmony.  The peaceful lives of many suddenly turned into nightmares.

The sky was beautiful and clear, like white feathers cut by the line of gold coming from the rising sun. Argus was lying on the ground, looking at the blue clouds above the sky. The weather seemed too fine for this day, as he thought. In fact, if only he could allow himself to lie all day long, he would do so, but he needs to make his body move for him to survive this day. Argus had no more parents at the age of ten. He was raised by old Lendon in the city of Banglliy. For ten years of existence, he was thankful for the love and support of this old man. He was the one who showed him care. He was indeed his only family.

“Get up on the ground and let your legs do the dreaming young boy. The sun was no longer friendly in the skin and we need to keep moving, ” Old Lendon approached Argus early in the morning. Argus just nodded at him for agreement. He got up from the green grass and followed him instantly. Both of them worked in the house of Thereyn, a rich family who lived in the urban side of Banglliy. Old Lendon was almost working for this family in his entire life and Argus helped him when he reached nine years of age. The old man was not that strong anymore and he knew he needed some help. He’s in one year of service to this family and somehow he was glad by their treatment.

“Finally weekends are glancing like stardust from my very own eyes, ” said Argus while stretching his arms while walking their way home. The distance between their home and Thereyn’s residence was not quite far. It only took them an hour of walking to reach their destination. Both men was tired and exhausted after they had finished cleaning the whole house of Thereyn. Luckily after their task wasdone forty silver coins was spared to them. They walked on their way home with a smile painted on their lips.


Argus was awakened by a sudden scream in the middle of the night. Still in seemingly unconscious state, he slowly stepped his feet in the wooden floor and looked outside the window. The fog outside made the sorroundings invisible to eyes. His senses was now alert and began to scan the area. The night was silent and quiet until that scream echoed. He was still observing outside for a while, and after a few minutes of searching he found nothing.

“I was awakened by a scream last night, and I went outside to see where it came from but found nothing,” he said while sipping a cup of coffee.

“I didn’t heard any scream last night lad or probably you were just dreaming because of tiredness,” Old Lendon replied while eating a piece of bread.

“I’m not dreaming old Lendon, my senses was fully awakened by that loud scream, it’s just that I found nothing because of thick fog that covered the whole sorroundings,” he chatted back.

“Okay, okay young man forget about it, maybe it was just a wild animal that got hurt in the deepness of the night,” Lendon added. Argust just nodded at him but at the back of his mind, something strange happened last night and he knew it.


Chapter 2.


Argus was cutting the branches of mulberry tree when a messenger arrived. His face was a bit moist of sweat. He hastily spoke while catching up with his breathing. He was curious about the news of the messenger, so he went down on the ladder and stand near the window. Lady Theryn frowned, her face became pale in a moment. Argus wasn’t sure from what he had heard from the messenger. The city of Banglliy was being attacked by the Aerrud. The conflict between the other cities suddenly rose at this point. No doubt the great war will now end the peaceful lives of many, including them.

Five days after the messenger came in the residence of Theryn, the urban part of the Banglliy was being attacked by the forces of Aerrud. Banglliy is not well known to be a strong city. Most of its people were not fit to fight and not ready for any war. Most of them are fishermen and farmers. What would you expect from these kind of people in times of assault? Nothing. The city was easily invaded by the Aerrud within a short period of time. Most of its residence were held captive to be  slaves. Others tried to protect their lands yet failed and death were given to them. The quiescent land of Banglliy had turned into desolation and destruction.

“Are you alright kid?” Old Lendon asking Argus while walking their way to the city of Aerrud. “Yeah, I’m okay old man, don’t worry about me.” he chatted back while his eyes scanning the unfamiliar setting they’re in. “I don’t know if I’ll be able to take good care of you when we reach our new destination.” old Lendon speaking sadly towards him. He’s right, they’ll never know what will happen to them when they reach Aerrud.


Five years had gone too fast and the war finally ended. The Crimson overpowered the city of Terrekka and the Aerrud ruled over the Banglliy. After those wars slavery took place all over the people of those beaten cities. But the rage of war was not yet over as one city was not still invaded and touched by hands of Crimsonnians and Aerrudians. The city of Synobo remained peaceful as time passed by.

Argus just turned fifteen a week ago and he was no longer a kid anymore. His hair was a little bit curly at the top. His face had three visible scars; one in his left eye, the other one under in his right lip and the last one on his right cheek. These scars were taken from the cruelty of slavery. He was beaten a lot during his first two years, but as hundred of days and nights came, he finally adapted his new kind of life. He was used to be beaten and pained.

“Hey Argus would you mind if you teach me how to curve a tree using a knife?” Letty approached him while he’s busy curving symbols at the trunk of Camunzee. Letty was the first person he got closed to when he arrived at the Aerrud. Just like him she had no longer has a family and only her Aunt raised her and she came from the city of Terrekka. “I’m not sure if you could do what I’m doing with this knife Letty.” Argus faced her while playing with his knife. “Well, I could do the same thing if you only allow yourself to teach me, ” Letty smiled with matching teary eye effect on her face. Argus just shook his head and just smiled back at her with amusement.

The sun was at the center of the horizon, the leaves no longer danced and the weather seemed too hot. Argus taught Letty how to write and curve words and symbols on trees. Letty was pretty good in handling a knife and Argus was amazed about it. “Not bad for a beginner like you,” he told Letty while sitting under the Camunzee tree. “See? I’m not bad as you thought, if only you taught me a month ago probably I’ll beat you now,” she said while grinning towards him. Argus chuckled and nodded his head. “I don’t know why sudden strong breeze of air crossed this field, ” he replied with a teasing look. “Whatever, but I know I’m gonna beat you one day in curving an art on the trees, ” Letty said with a serious expression on her face. Then came silence and both laughed hard at their silly and nonsense conversation.

“Hey curly mustards! Mr. Sabver wanted to see you.” A blond boy shouted near the tree of Caliptys. Argus and Letty’s laughter was interrupted by the voice of Dreyfus. He was a tall boy and masculine in figure. His hair was blond and looked stiff like dried mud. There was  a visible scar on his forehead. He had blue eyes like deep ocean. Argus and Letty stood to their feet and followed him. He was puzzled about the the sudden call of Mr. Sabver. As he knew Mr. Sabver was the one who trained the teens and young people how to combat using swords and knives. Something interesting will be unfolded at the back of his mind and he was a bit nervous and excited.


Chapter 3.


“Alright! Listen up young people of Aerrud, today you are gathered in front of Squallerium for important matters.” Sabver talking at the center of the stage. He was the one who’s in charge of combat and training. Argus and Letty were among the young people who participated in this assembly. Letty was a little bit surprised when she was also called by Sabver. The Squallerium served as the training ground of Aerrudians. The place was huge and full of equipment for a hard training.

“Today you were given a privilege to become a part of “blade shadow,” said Sabver. There was a sudden cheering amongst the crowd and everyone was in awe from what they’ve heard. Blade shadow was a group of skilled individuals who used swords and knives in fighting. It was the second most powerful force in the Aerrud. No wonder the crowd was in awe when Sabver announced it at the center stage.

Argus and Letty couldn’t believe what they heard. Both were in mixed emotion and wandered about the surprising news early in the morning. “Why are you quiet in a sudden?” Letty said. “I don’t know Letty, but right now I don’t know what to think about this.” He replied. “Aren’t you happy about this”? She added. “There’s something behind this and I don’t have a good feeling either.” He replied. But at the back of his mind the Aerruds are planning a new strategy to conquer the city of Synobo.

The young people were divided into ten groups. Each group had five members, and Letty and Argus were in the same group. Well, that’s good enough because they’re on the same group and as one team. They met a new friend in their group. His name was Kervin, a sixteen year old guy with chinky eyes. His hair was a bit blond and red like the sunset that touches red sea. He’s a silent type of boy and also came from the city of Terrekka.

“I’m just curious about you Kervin why are you so quiet?” asked Letty. “Letty why are you asking him like that?” Argus speaking. “Naah, I’m just trying to be friendly here dude, was that bad asking some sort of question?” she added. “Uhm, Letty you’re not in the position to ask question like that” said Argus. “That’s okay guys” Kervin broke his silence.

“It started when I was eight years old, my younger brother died when he was bumped by a chariot.” said Kervin. “No one helped me to rescue and save him from his untimely dead,” he added. “There were people out there when that incident happened and they just simply watched me and my dying brother, ” he continued. “And that’s the reason why I seldom talk and like to be quiet at one corner.” He sighed.

Letty  felt guilty of her actions, while Argus remained silent from the story of Kervin. They continued their training under the hot sunrays of the sun. The three were quiet and focused about their training. Proper handling of a knife was their first task and it’s not that easy as they thought. The three struggled in the beginning but slowly managed to cope up. They trained until the darkness enveloped outside the training ground.


Chapter 4.


After a week of training in the Squallerium, the young participants slowly mastered the techniques of using a sword and knife. All were able to perform greatly in their training, some showed their skills like a pro in handling a sword. They are all rookies but Sabver couldn’t keep his smile on his face when he saw few individuals who exceed beyond the training. Those few had the potential to become great and rise from others because of their skills. “It’s been a week of training in the Squallerium, and I’m glad all of you were able to perform well” Sabver said. “This week we’ll go deeper with our training, we will test your strength and senses” he added. All of the participants were quiet and have a serious expression when they heard Sabver.

“Hey Argus, what do you think our training would look like this coming week?” Letty said. “I don’t have any idea Letty, we’ll find out that tommorow when it starts” Argus replied. “I’m a bit curious and triggered by what Sabver told us, it will test our senses– hmm sounds intriguing to my ears” Letty murmured. “Not a new thing Letty, you’re always curious about anything” Argus laughing at her. “Are you mocking me Argus?” Letty raised her one eyebrow while facing him. Argus just turned around and walked away from her direction. Letty became annoyed by the reaction of Argus. “You brattt!! Why are turning your back from me!??” She shouted while running towards his direction. Argus just shook his head and walk his way to the tree of Kamunzee.

**Earlier in the morning that day**

Argus was having his daily routine in early morning, he always conditioned his body before going out his small “kubyu,” it is a some sort of small house made up of bamboo and perrigrass, a type of grass that usually grows in the muddy side of Ardeus. This types of grass is stiff and hard, perfectly made for making a kubyu or even an average house. Not to mention all the houses in Ardeus are made of bamboo and perrigrass. The place was considered the bamboo capital of Aerrud. Bamboos scattered around the corners of Ardeus, and likewise the perrigrass.

Every morning Argus conditioned his muscles by having at least 50 sit ups and 50 push ups before going out his kubyu. It started when he was called in the Squallerium to be a participant and candidate for blade shadow. That’s the start of his daily routine every morning. After the sit ups and push ups, he sharpened his knives making sure its edge was always ready to cut.

As Argus walked his way out of his kubyu, he heard a noise near the forest. The Ardeus had a forest part, the forest was not that wide but still a good habitat for wild animals. There’s a story about this forest, it said that whoever kill any animals inside of it will be cursed and have a disease. He followed the whereabout of the noise, and he saw a baby panther crying. His left foot was stucked at the root of a tree near the mudside of the forest. He cut the root a tree and the baby phanter run fast towards the forest. Argus are fond of animals, for way back in his home town he had a pet.


“Hey, look I found a strange thing outside my kubyu this morning” Letty said. “I don’t know what kind of creature is this” she added. Argus instantly stared at the unusual creature on Letty’s hand. It looks like a rabbit but the ears are quite round and short, it has long tail and gray eyes. Its body was a bit smaller compare to a dog. “I don’t have any idea what kind of animal you’re holding Letty” he said. “But…it’s kinda cute to be a pet like a dog” he grinned at her. “Ohh, I don’t know you’re fond of having a pet?” Letty wondering. “Ahh, yes…way back to my town I have a pet and it was a dog, but sadly I lost him when the town was being attacked” he sigh. “Okay, from now on, we have a new pet and we’ll call him “Legu” Letty smiled. “Deal!” He smiled back.

It was Sunday and both of them went to the market to buy some foods. Ardeus has a small market called “palingka” where you can buy different kind of foods like fish and meat. Letty and Argus buy a fish, this will serve their appetite in the evening. The market also sell fruits, some are familiar to them while the others were quite weird to the eyes. Some of the vendors here in the market are also a slave. They came from different towns and villages. After years of being imprisoned in the cell, the Aerrudians freed them to be their workers and servants. They buy some fruits also and went their way home. Tommorow will be the start of another level of training, and both are getting excited and nervous.


Chapter 5.


The sun was already revealing itself when Argus opened his eyes. The sunrays outside penetrated through the window. He slowly got up and washed his face in a pail full of water. It’s already 5:50 am, and the whole Ardeus was still in deep sleep. As usual he made some sit ups and push ups before going outside the kubyu. The moist of fog was still in the air when he stepped outside. “Aahh, how I love this kind of feeling every morning, it gives me chill to the bones” Argus talking to himself. And then he walked his way going to the kubyu of Letty.

Letty’s kubyu was not that far from his. Letty’s house are near the mudside of the forest, and he always told her to transfer her kubyu beside him, but she refused his suggestion. Letty was weird as he thought, and he often observed her in distance. As he headed his way to Letty’s kubyu he saw the baby panther he helped last day. He was drinking from the river near the forest. There was a river beside the forest, it was quite small. The baby phanter rn towards the forest when he saw Argus from distance.

“Letty! Letty! Wake up, it’s already late in the morning!” Argus knocking at the door. Letty heard someone shouting outside her kubyu, she’s still sleepy and her body doesn’t want to move. She knew it is Argus who keeps on knocking on the the door. She get up from her bed and fix herself before going outside. “Why are you so early in the morning? Like duhh! You disturb my deep sleep” she said. “Excuse me, the sun was already up there, can’t you see it? And we have a training remember?” Argus raised his left eyebrow. “Ohh, sheetss of paper.. I forgot that thing though, what time is it already?” Said Letty. “Quarter to seven” replied Argus. “Okay, let’s go, and thank you for waking me up” she grinned. Argus just rolled his eyes while walking.

The sun was already ablaze early in the morning. The ambiance in the Squallerium was a bit hotter. No wonder summer was near and the sun was getting fiery early in the day. “Alright! Listen up future assassins, today we’ll going to master how to use a sword” Sabver speaking at the stage. “But before we start, I would like to tell you a myth, about the legendary sword of Dreamord” he added. The crowd went silent and curious when hearing those words from Sabver.


Long ago there was a man named Dreymord, he lived in the small city of Atlasia. He was a knight, a brave one and a leader of his own cavaliers. He led his men to war victoriously, and his name became famous in other cities and regions. His popularity became known to the kings and royal blood. And then one day he was hired by a queen to be the commander of her men. He accepted the offer and lived in her palace.

He led the Queen’s kingdom in times of war. The kingdom became powerful when he sat as a commander of the Queen’s people. The Queen offered him to be the king of her kingdom but he refused the offer. Dreymord went his way out the Queen’s kingdom but the Queen’s obsession towards him was intimate. She baited a trap to capture him and jailed Dreymord for a life time. His legendary sword was taken away from him. They said it was cursed by the witch and it was hidden in the mountain of Alteros. The sword was special as what they’ve said, it was made of heavy metals and its handle was made from the dragon’s tail. And until now no one knew if the story of Dreymord was true or not.

The traing resumed and all of them couldn’t move on from the myth about the legendary sword. All of them in a sudden became interested in the sword. They trained hard that day, handling a sword was a bit different compared to knife. The sword was long and a bit heavy to handle well.


Chapter 6.


Another week had passed, the training of using a sword finally ended. All of the trainees were able to master the use of swords, using different techniques, and styles. Their training will resume the next week, Sabver had an important matters to deal with. There were rumors that the Aerrudian forces will attack the Synobo. No doubt about that thing, Aerrudians wanted to be the most powerful city in the region of Ludenkia. Their hunger for becoming on top was not yet fulfilled until they defeat all of the cities in Ludenkia.

Argus had not seen old Lendon for a while, so he decided to visit him in his place. He went to Camal where old Lendon stayed, it was a nearby place beside the Ardeus. He was working there as a farmer. Camal was the agricultural place of a Aerrudians, the place was composed of plain lands good for nurturing corn and malts. It’s been a year when both men didn’t see each other. And Argus was excited to see the old Lendon.

“Where are you going?” Letty saw Argus packing his bag. “I’ll go to Camal to visit a friend” he replied. “Ohh, would you mind if I come with you?” Replied Letty. Argus raised his left eyebrow. “Why would you go there, do you have any relatives there?” He said. “Hmm, I don’t have any relatives there but I want to meet your friend, and likewise I wanted to breathe some fresh air in the farm” said Letty. “You have a point Letty, we’re stuck here in Ardeus for training, we need some break and fresh air and…a new atmosphere” said Argus. “Thank you Argus, you’re such a good friend” Letty hugged him.

Argus and Letty traveled to Camal tuesday morning. It was gloomy and the sky was a bit dark and the sun was not in the mood to shine. They crossed the river of Subba, a river near the Ardeus. The river was not that deep, but it had also a portion where the water flows quietly. It took them half hour before they crossed the river. The road to Camal was muddy and a bit rough road. Small rocks scattered every side of their path. ” I never imagined this kind of road” sighed Letty. “I never told you to come with me either” replied Argus. And both laughed while carrying their slippers while heading their way to Camal.

Old Lendon was watering the corns when he saw a familiar face walking in the road. He was happy to see Argus again. Argus hugged him tight and he almost cried. “How are you doin’ young man? You’ve grown up well” said old man. “I’m alright old man, I’ve been training in the Squallerium for the past two weeks” he replied. “Ohh, I was surprised by that, and who’s that girl behind you”? Old Lendon asked. “Aahh, I forgot, she’s Letty my new friend, she also trained in the Squallerium together with me”replied Argus. “Nice to meet you old Lendon” Letty smiled.

They helped old Lendon water his plants, Letty enjoy every moment she spent in the farm. “How I wish I could live here, doin’ the same thing like old Lendon” said Letty. Argus remain quiet while carrying a pail. “I’m hungry already, need to feed my stomach Argus, come on let’s go” Letty said while sliding her foot on the mud. She lost her balance and went straight to Argus. They both fell on the mud and the pail rolled upside down. Letty’s eyes widen when she feels the hands of Argus on his breast. “You pervert! Get your hands off my breast!” Letty screaming. She slappedhis face hard. “Ouchh! What the h*** Letty? Why did you slap me?” Argus shouted. “…Because you are a pervert” said Letty. “It was an accident and not intentional” sighed Argus. “What happened?” Old Lendon asked. And both of them remained silent.

Argus and Letty spent their night in the house of old Lendon. The three were able to talk about their experience in Aerrud. Letty was happy to meet the old man, she was fond of listening about his story. Old Lendon teased the two about the incident happened earlier that day. Letty’s face became pinkish red, while Argus just sighed while watching the fire they made outside the kubyu.

The next day they bade goodbye to old Lendon and traveled their way home. The old man was saddened for a moment, but they had no choice either. Argus hugged him tight and promise to comeback soon. As for Letty her visit in the farm was mixed emotions. She enjoyed the ambiance of the place, and the same time felt awkward towards Argus.


Chapter 7.


The silence isdeafening, and the darkness of the night made Argus uneasy. He had a bad feeling about it, so he went to Letty’s kubyu. He knocked at Letty’s door twice. Letty was almost asleep when she heard a knock on the door. She silently walked towards the door and slightly opened it. She drew a knife at her side, and observed around her kubyu. “Let– She swiftly struck her knife at the direction of the voice. Argus was almost hit by Letty’s knife. “I don’t know you have a plan to kill me Letty” said Argus. “I’m just protecting myself, and a self defense” she chuckled. “Why are still awake then?” She added. “Can’t sleep because of the creepy silence of night” he replied. “Would you mind to join me watch the few stars above?” He added. And both sat on the ground staring at the sky.

Letty was awakened by the sunrays of sun on her face. The morning seemed fine and the birds were already singing. It was already 7 in the morning. She hurriedly fix her things and went to Argus to resume their practice. “Shall we continue our practice this day?” She said. “Well, if the weather allow us then we’ll resume our training” he replied. The sky suddenly became dark, ready to pour its liquid downward. The rain began and the two walked to Argus’ kubyu. “Nice timing for the rain early in the morning” sighed Letty.

The view outside the kubyu was totally invisible because of the heavy rain. Only the sound of rain could be heard by the ears. Letty lay down on the bed while Argus sat on beside the window. An explosion echoed in the eastern part of the Ardeus and the two instantly stared to each other. “What was that?” Letty asked. “I think that was a bomb or some sort of explosives” he replied. “We’ll find out that noise when the rain stops” he added. Letty nodded for the agreement.

The rain had  finally stopped. The two went to the central part of Ardeus to know the real deal about the explosion. The wall was destroyed and two guards died beside the central gate. “What happened here?” Asked Letty. “The Synobians are charging towards the Ardeus” replied Kervin. “What!??”Letty in desbelief. “This means war and we need to get out of here and protect ourselves” said Argus. The two nodded for what Argus have said. The battle between the two most powerful city in Ludenkia had began.

The Synobians are charging in the central part of Ardeus. Shybo leads the armed men of Synobo. He’s a great warrior and brought victory to the Synobians way back when they conquered the other cities. He belong to the squad of Gallofers, a special force of Synobo compose of skilled  warriors and assassins. “Today we will destroy the city of Aerrud and victory shall be granted to Synobians” said Shybo to his men. “Rrrrh!” The crowd responded by making a noise and raising their swords up. They marched forward in the central gate of Ardeus and Sabver are there waiting to defend the gate.

The Synobians and Aerrudians were both ready for the bloody fight in the central part. Both forces wereeager to kill and didn’t hold back their swords and knives for peeling a flesh that comes their way. Sabver meets Shybo and both are serious in expression. “I don’t know who you and whoever the h–k you are, shall not pass on my way” said Sabver. “Well, let me introduce myself then, I’m Shybo a member of Gallofers and I’m standing in front of you and ready to conquer the Ardeus” Shybo in confident manner. Sabver for a while are bit surprised when heard Shybo. ” So you are the one who led in the destruction of other cities of Ludenkia” replied Sabver. Shybo grin at him and he draw his sword from his back, pointing towards the gate. And the battle at the central gate has started.


Chapter 8.


Sabver drew his sword when Shybo signaled his men to move forward and attack the gate. Three men ran ahead in front growling like an animal carrying their axe smashing everyone who comes their way. 

“Block those three men carrying an axe and don’t allow them to reach the entrance.” Said Sabver to Tauru. Tauru is a huge man too, and he also owns a gigantic axe. He begin to march forward in the direction of three men carrying an axe. He smash his axe with great force to the first one and it hits in the back of a man sending him to the ground. The two others both jump in the air pointing their axe in his back, but he manage to block them with his axe. He punch the nose of one man, sending him to the crowd, and the last one died when he hammer it by its axe on the head.

Blood spilled all over the ground, and bodies of men scattered everywhere. The forces of Sabver were quite good to handle the men of Shybo. On the other hand Sabver battled Shybo. Both are great assassins and no one can predict who will win between the two. Shybo’s attack was swift and unpredictable but Sabver defense instinct was accurate and unbelievable. He was able to block the sword of Shybo. The two were amazing to watch as they sway and struck their swords like a ballet dancers dancing in the air. 

“Not bad to be the trainer of young people who aim to be a part of blade shadow.” Shybo chuckled. Sabver was a little bit surprised from hearing those words to Shybo. “I see you are spying us and I bet there’s a traitor inside the Aerrud.” Said Sabver. “Well, I think it’s not time yet to cut your flesh into pieces, but when our paths cross again I’ll make sure to cut your throat.” Shybo grinned at him. Their forces back off and Sabver was puzzled by their actions. “I don’t know what they’re planning to do next.” Tauru speaking. “Me either, I don’t have a good feeling about the sudden back off of the Synobians.” He replied.

The central gate of Ardeus was defended well by the forces of Sabver. Their enemies withdrew without any hint from their actions. The action of enemies was suspicious to be read so Sabver went to report to the highest counsel.

“Your majesty, I came here to report the sudden attack in the central gate of Ardeus.” Sabver speaking. “Tell me about that incident Sabver.” King Arres said. “I fought with one of the member of Gallofers, and I sensed they’re planning to attack us behind our backs.” He replied. “What do you mean by that?” The king asked in confusing manner. “They are spying us and there’s a traitor inside the Aerrud who disguise as one of us.” Sabver chatted back. “Well, that’s a serious matter and we should deal with that. I’ll make a move to resolve that thing immediately.” The king in serious expression. “Call the members of blade shadow and I wanted to talk to them.” The king added. Sabver nodded and flew back to Ardeus.

Enaya was slicing a piece of bread when Sabver entered inside the camp of secrera. Secrera is a secret place they built when the blade shadow was born. No one knew this place except to the king and Tauru.

“Long time no see Mr. Trainer.” said Enaya. The other members of the group turned their head to Sabver. “What in the moon brought you here in a sudden Sab”? Xaoki asked. “I thought you heard the surprise attack at the central part of Aerrud?” He said. “We never heard about that thing, we seldom go outside this camp.” Salli said while smiling. “So, you visit here to inform us about that incident, I thought you came here to see Salli.” Ludar in a teasing manner. “I don’t have a time for your silly jokes Ludar, I came here because the king told me so.” He replied. “Oh, I see it only means it is a serious matter to deal with, nevertheless we too are excited for this thing.” Brexxar grinned. “Alright we’re coming with you Sab’ so chill your bones man, but for a while why not join us to drink?” Krisven added. Sabver just shook his head. “You guys are not changing your ways.” He said and sat on the wooden chair while drinking a glass of beer.


“The forces of Synobians suddenly withdraw and I don’t get it.” Letty said in confusing tone. “Maybe it’s a kinda of strategy or I don’t know, it’s weird.” Kervin said. “They’ll comeback soon with bigger forces, the surprise attack was an experiment they had planned in the very first place.” Argus said. “Then, I think we should prepare ourselves for that one, cause it might be the last battle to be unfold.” Letty added. “I don’t want to die young either, I’m still dreaming to be a great swordsman one day.” Replied Kervin. “Then we should double our time for our secret training, in order for us to be ready when uncertainties strike us.” Argus in a serious manner. And the two nodded on him for the agreement.


Chapter 9.


“Your majesty, the blade shadow has arrived.” Said the servant of the king. “Let them come in and I want to talk to them in private.” The king said. The servant nodded and opened the door.

“Your majesty, the blade shadow has arrived with me.” Sabver spoken. “Good, then gentleman I have called you to hunt the traitor inside the Aerrud.” He said. “That’s intriguing to hear my king, well we’ll do our job as assassins to catch the traitor as possible.” Brexxar replied. “Just one thing to remember, don’t kill him and we need some information.” “Yes my Lord.” Said Brexxar.

“Any idea how to catch the traitor without any piece of information about him?” Enaya asked. “Shybo knew about the training and quest for becoming a member of the blade shadow when we fought.” Sabver chatted back. ” That only means, the traitor is inside the Ardeus spying without getting caught.” Ludar spoken. “Exactly, so from now on we’ll put our eyes in the Ardeus, and we’ll stay here.” Brexxar said. “Alright, let the hunting begins then.” Xaoki grinned.

The weather was moody at night, there were no stars across the sky. The rain began to pour its tears early in the evening. Only the sound of the rain could be heard in the distance, and darkness scattered around the Ardeus. 

“The king had ordered the blade shadow to hunt me.” Chattered a man in the darkness of the night. “Don’t worry about it, just play it cool and don’t be caught. Be cautious in your move from now on.” Another voice chatted back. “They don’t have any plan right now and the training has not resume for a while.” Said the man. “Just keep an eye on their plans and strategies and be careful with their assassins.” Replied another man. Their conversation ended and the other voice disappeared in an instant, while the other one headed his way back to Ardeus.

The next morning Sabver gathered all of the traines in front of Squallerium. It’s been a week since they resume their training. “Today we’ll resume our training but before that I would to introduce these people behind my back.” He said. The crowd started to murmuring and chatting. “Meet the members of blade shadow!” Sabver added. Then there’s a sudden noise of surprise of amazement among the young people.

Brexxar silence the crowd when he raised his right hand. “Let me introduce myself first, I’m Brexxar and I’m the leader of blade shadow.” He said. “I came here a day ago, and found out that there’s a spy inside the Squallerium, but good news I already know the traitor.” The crowd went silent. He walked down the stage and stopped at the guy who wears a gray shirt with shades on his eyes. “Come with us and the king wants to discuss some matters with you.” Brexxar said in cold voice. The guy draw his knife at his side slashing it towards the chest of Brexxar but he manage to dodge it. Enaya then grip his arms and bind it with black slopes.

There’s still confusion in the eyes of many as the members of blade shadow took Robot with them. “Alright people, for now we’ll no longer continue our training.” Sabver said. “You can now go back to your kubyus.” He added. They started to walk their way out the Squallerium with confusion in their faces.

“I don’t believe it, there’s a spy inside the training camp?” Said Letty. “What a surprise then, all of us don’t have any idea that we are getting poison by a spy without knowing it.” Kervin said. “Blade shadow done their job well, just imagine they caught the spy for a short period of time.” Argus in amazement. “I guess we should consider still to continue our secret training?” He added. “I don’t know but for me I’ll do it inside my kubyu.” Said Kervin. Letty on the other hand agreed on Argus.

The king beheaded the spy when he refused to speak about the plans of Shynobians. Their next move are now ready and the blade shadow took the charge. They will attack the Synobo the next two days. Brexxar made a strategy and as he lead the attack on the Synobo. The king appointed him as the planner and over all in charge for the secret assassination on the king of Synobo.


Chapter 10.


It was sunday and the fog around the Ardeus was thick. The rain had just stopped an hour ago. The people around were busy making some fire to heat up their kubyus. The sun was almost fading in the horizon. The next day the forces of Aerrud will attack the Synobo and everyone are getting ready for the said fight. The traines will be left behind the gates of Aerrud, they will protect the city when the forces of Brexxar left tommorow.

“Tomorrow we’ll be the one who will defend the city when they left.” Said Letty. “We’ll be more cautious then for the assassins at great warriors are not around tomorrow.” Argus said. “What do you mean by that Argus?” She replied. “We never know, there are still traitors inside the city.” He murmured. “You have a point, and it’s scary to think of that thing though, just imagine how Robot able to spy without getting notice as enemie.” She added. “Don’t worry, I’ll protect you until death.” He said. Letty smiled at him.

*** Monday

It was 3:35 when the forces of Brexxar traveled their way to Synobo. They’ll attack in the dawn when everyone was fall asleep. Thousands of men went with them including the king. The king’s pride will not be forsaken for the taste and sake of glory. Sabver however did not joined them in the battle, he stayed in the Ardeus to secure the safety of the city. He stayed together with the traines and other guards.

The surprise attack of the Aerrudians was expected by the Synobians as they awaited them in the gate. Hundreds of arrows flew in the air when they began to move forward to the gate, hitting every target that comes along the arrows way. King Arres was in disbelief when he realized it was a bait for them. The Synobians were ready for their surprise attack. “How could it be?” The king said. “My Lord it’s not safe here for you anymore, it’s a bait and you should go home now.” Said Brexxar. “They’re still a traitor left inside our camp.” Brexxar added. The king agreed with him and set to go back to Aerrud.

Too late for them to realized that it was a trap. They’re now being encircled by a huge numbers of Synobians. The Shynobians began to attack the Aerrudians. The sound of the swords echoed in the darkness of the dawn.  Everytime a sword cuts a flesh, a scream of pain and death could be heard in the distance. The blade shadow tried to defend the king every minute but could not stop the huge numbers of Synobians. They’re being sorrounded and they couldn’t make any move. Their skills were useless for this set up, archers were everywhere and the threat of Gallofers are at stake.

“We should go out of this hell, we need to find a way to escape the crowd.” Said Enaya said. ” We’re heading to back portion together with the king, protect him no matter what happened.” Said Brexxar. They headed to back part pushing everyone who comes along the way.

“You can’t escape from us.” Shybo said while drawing his sword. The Gallofers are there at the back waiting for them. “Fu*k, where being outsmarted by this assassins.” Said Xaoki. “We don’t have a choice either, let’s go and settled this sh*ts until death.” Krisven chatted. “Your time has come to it’s end king Arres and the name of blade shadow will be erased on this day.” Shybo grinned. And the battle between the two clans of assassins had began. But in the end the Gallofers outlasted the blade shadow with the help of huge numbers of Synobians.


Argus was awaken by the scream. He swiftly get up and go outside his kubyu. He saw Letty being drag by some men. He ran fast to rescue him but he was blocked by Trevor. “Where are you going moron?” He smirked. He flipped his daggger and charged towards him but he manage to dodge it. Argus countered him using a kick on a leg, then strucking his waist with his knife. Trevor screamed in pain and rolled in the ground.

“Letty! Letty! He shouted while running fast to her direction. A knife went straight to his left shoulder causing to stop in motion. The cut was deep and painful to bear. He saw Dreyfus walking towards him. “This is the end of your spotlight Argus!” He smirked. “The first time I saw you, I know in myself that you’re not worthy to be a part of blade shadow.” He said while holding his bleeding arm. “Well, you’re probably right because I was raised to be a spy in Synobo.” He laughed. He draw his sword at his back and pointing towards him. He began to slash its edge like cutting a grass in the ground. Argus was able to dodge again his attack but his cut slowed him causing him to be hit in the right leg. He kicked him on his bleeding leg and he screamed in pain rolling in the direction towards the cliff. He saw Sabver lying on the ground, no longer breathing. He was poisoned until death. “Farewell to you curly mustards, the hell are waiting for your fall.” Said Dreyfus as he pushed Argus body to cliff.

Argus eyes could not clearly see when Dreyfus pushed him off the cliff. The only thing he felt was like flying in the air then his body dropped at the branch of a tree. The thought that ran through his mind right now is can he survive this pain or will death welcome him? And then his eyes close.

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