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Pauper’s Jewel

Eerie commotion takes dominion over the land,
conniving with the multitude’s repetitive sighs.
In the midst of the pervading art of lies
and monotonous rhythm that emits form the band,
springs the seed of truth through his rough hand-
too futile that they cannot mirror through his eyes!
Cruelty and injustice continue – Aye!
He is to die together with his teachings as pure as sand.
Mankind embraces the liar’s deceiving chain of clamor-
sweet, mystical, alluring words as that of a deity.
Man is now a slave of treacherous pleasure’s little clone,
Beware! Deafening silence is his sole living armor-
an invulnerable shield to protect humanity’s gift of gaiety-
the tattered beggar’s sacred and precious gem of stone!

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