Hapiness & Contentment Love

Better Half

The repertoire of hymns creates beauty
as silence yields to its hypnotizing serenity.
The synchronous beats of enigmatic melody
connive with the enthusiasm of each rhapsody.

Such is the wondrous scenery amidst tranquility
each has its own mystifying quality.
Their clashes of fonder craft stupendous glamour
pacifying the fiery wrangling of clamor.

But hideous creatures snatch thy sanity
bestowing upon thee the crown of vanity.
Soul’s weepings are contemptuously shown,
alluring thee to the depths of the unknown.

Underneath the chasm, he softly sleeps
and solitude is what he tightly keeps.
As I succumb to his clutching fingers
it’s his creative insanity that lingers.

In the river of despair, I had foes
devouring thy soul wherever it goes.
But none can equal its monochromatic languor
so somber yet healing like words of an augur.

When dimness snatches the beam of light
the ever- valiant conqueror enliven thy sight.
Behold! The victor is coming near
his triumph is such a music to thy ear.

Seize the radiance of his dignified momentum
and savor his reverberating quantum.
Feel the warmth of his pure pleasure
and discover the calmness of his leisure.

At the splendor of humanity’s lavishness
he mockingly laughs, detesting their foolishness.
He is Darkness, my solace in melancholic times.
Hades’ ally, bearer of vengeful rhymes.

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