Life Self Realizations


Long ago, when walls are built
mightier and stronger than anything else,
none had ever dared to enter
for a great danger lies therein.
The mighty fortress long stood
in the midst of a lonesome forest.
Sweet melodies of a whistling wind
and reverberating silence that lurked within,
oh the only things you might think
were there alive or buried deep down.

Even the brave tried to follow the path
that led to every corner of the dome.
With renowned courage and confidence
they thought were all enough, no they weren’t!
They knew then that the rumors were true-
only death could come- invited or not.
Enchanting as it seemed, don’t be fooled by it.
Beauty is misleading and so is mystery.
The brave has indeed forgotten the counsel of years.

For the bygone eons, the story of the great castle emerged-
of how formidable it was against any evil forces.
But no one has tried to discover of its fall-
of how little droplets washed away its pillars
and guided it towards the oblivion.

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