Courage Freedom Life

The Empty Room

I’m still bind in the door of the past
I made a furtive look outside the window
Yet the chains lock my whole body
Pulling me back on the other side.

I stare at the ceiling
Hoping to find the answers above
Wondering how to escape inside a dim house
And free myself outside the empty room.

Light pass by the window
But shadows scattered all over the floor
I want to unlock the chains
And run away, see the outside world.

Confusion is behind my back
Uncertainty is on my way
But trying is on my side
Starting to ignite the fire within.

Am I ready to unlock the door?
The question that stuck inside my head
I know there’s no harm in trying
Yet doubt hunts my mind.

I’m afraid of falling hard on the ground
A thing that I fear most
But if I don’t try to fly
I may not see the beauty that awaits outside.

I think it’s time to spread my wings
Fly above and reach the sky
And if ever I fall hard on the ground
I will pick my wings and soar high again.

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