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Before you lose yourself in the process of loving them too much, ask yourself if it is worthy of doing it. I know it sucks when you gave your all but in the end you’ll end up begging of their love and attention. You did your best to show how much you love them, how sincerely you care about them but have you ever love yourself, value yourself first? Before you give your all, ask yourself first if you’re ready to get hurt in the end.

Before you love someone, love yourself first. Love yourself first, know your worth for you are worthy to love. Before you give your everything of loving someone, give the love you deserve to yourself. Believe me when you love yourself first, you no longer seek for attention for someone else. Loving begins with yourself before anything else. Love starts within ourselves, and the moment you value yourself you appreciate your worth without the approval of others.

Self love is important, it’s not selfish as you thought. You are the lover of your own soul so take good care of your own entity. No one will love you more than yourself, no one will stand before you when you’re crush into pieces. No one will comfort you when you’re broken, when your soul is weary and lost. It is you that holds your life, so love yourself more than anything else.

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