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Last night I searched for the moon above the dark sky but didn’t saw it. I waited for an hour and found nothing but the million stars glittering afar the milky way. The night seemed dark and dull without the moon, then the presence of stars lighten the blackness of night. I’m wondering why the moon did not appear in my very eyes, instead the stars’ presence brighten the sullen night.

The next night I sat outside waiting again for the shadow of the moon but the second time around I failed. The stars were still there shining from the distance, making the horizon alive and lively. They never failed to give light in the darkness of the night whenever the moon was not around. I never imagined what would the night looks like without them above. Just imagine.

The other night I walked beside the seashore, wanting to witness the luminous light of the moon but then again I felt dismayed. The moon never came but the stars were still there giving lights to my path. They never stop shining across the universe with the absence of moon. Not just few but millions of them never ceased for giving their brilliant lights to the earth. Imagine the universe without those stars, how dull this world could be without them, how dark the night with their absence.

I always want to see the presence of moon every night. I always felt dismayed when it did not appear but failed to appreciate the presence of stars. And then one day I realized the stars also shine for me just like the moon. They are still there above giving lights, twinkling like diamonds amidst the dull nights and hopeless life of astray.

Just like in life we should appreciate what’s there in front of us and don’t look for what is missing. Instead try to acknowledge whatever you have and give value to it. You’ll never know those in front of you are most precious compare to what is missing. Don’t be trouble when you can’t get what you want in life, instead learn to let go of those expectations that stress you. Appreciation and contentment matters so value what lies ahead of you. And remember never look for the moon when you have already the stars.

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