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Not All

To the woman who’s heart got broken when her man left her hanging on the air, this is for you. I know it’s been terrible way back those days when you were crush into pieces when he broke his sweet promises. He failed your love for in the end he simply disappear in your eyes like a smoke in the mid day. That was painful in your part as a woman who truly love with all of your heart. The thought that you gave your all but not enough to make him stay, to love you more instead, but rather he refused to stay in your side. Maybe you’re wondering what made him left you in the first place? But don’t ask yourself questions like that for in the first place you did everything to save your relationship. What’s important you have done your part and that matters. Put in your mind that if someone loves you they will never leave you through thick and thin. Real love endures the storm and struggles, it never surrender easily amidst the heavy rain. And if he choose to let go of you, let him go for he don’t deserve your love either. You build yourself whole again and that’s good to start over again. You don’t trust that easily, your fragile heart had walls already, a barrier around every corner. I know you’re badly hurt in your past relationship but don’t think all men are the same. Not all men are cheaters, not all men would vanish like a ghost in front of you. Not all men will hurt you and break your heart. If he hurt and leave you in darkest hour of your life then he’s not the one for you. Believe me there are still good men out there. Someone is better than him, someone will love you through thick and thin, someone will stay in your darkest hour and fight for your worth cause you’re worth fighting for. Believe me not all men are the same, and don’t let that thought sink in your mind. Open your mind and heart that all men differ from each other. Someday you’ll meet him and as you read this you would say to yourself I was right. To the woman who got hurt and doubtful to trust again, not all men are the same.

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