Freedom Journey Peace


Sunrise is amazing to watch, dew drops are pleasure to my naked skin in early morning but sunsets captured my heart and soul. Light is beautiful with its vibrant colors, pleasing to the eyes of every creatures yet here I am love to dwell in the blackness of the night. I’m not fond of walking in the sun’s crystal clear lights, I’d rather walk underneath the light of Mr.moon with my own shadow. I don’t hate mornings, I just love to dwell in the presence of night for I find peace and harmony whenever I watch the sun sets across the ocean. The stars witnessed how my tears fell down on the ground those nights when my eyes got weary. They are my companions, my silent companions who understand the pain behind my sigh, the pain behind my smile while looking at them above. I don’t hide in the darkness of the night, I blend with its color for no one see me there as nights falls. You never understand me either and don’t try to decipher those to thoughts inside your mind. And if you hate me being this way I understand for I am nyctophilia and I love being one. I’m not alone either for the moon, the stars, and silence of the night are always there reminding me I have them.

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