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Would you still be there if my world became dull?
Would you still hold my hand if my skin became pale?
Would you still love me despite the pain and agony I feel deep down my spine?
Would you still stand on that door watching me at one corner, lying in bed while in tears?
I’m glad you did.
I’m glad you made that.
But I can no longer bare the pain as I watch you afar the window.
You were there and your presence is enough to make my heart melts.
You do love me and that’s incredible.
How I wish this pain and desease would come to its end,
How I pray the people out there suffering from this pandemic finally be cured including myself.
How I wish everything will be back in it’s place, everything will be normal again.
I miss my home, our home.
I miss to wake up with your side,
Prepare your breakfast early in the morning.
I miss how you kiss me goodnight, waking me up before dawn.
But as of now i don’t know what will happen within the next day, the next weekend or month.
I just pray that the world would heal fastly, getting back to normal.
I don’t lose hope that one day those infected people will overcome their struggles and fear.
One day the world will be a better place to live again, one day the world will be healthy again.

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