Death Life Society

The Soul Keeper

The world is full of darkness and light slowly fade as time goes by. I descended from the realm to punish the filthy souls down the earth. I was sent by the highest power and this is my mission here on the land of human. I am the soul keeper and this is my story.

Humans became more unworthy nowadays. Their bad habits and sinful acts slowly but surely eaten their flesh and bones. Integrity and dignity no longer appear in their very eyes when money, power, lust and hatred drown them deeper in the ocean of death.

I saw one soul fearless about anything. Nobody can stop him from his act. His legacy about the war was feared by many. He was feared by his cruelty for he ruled by blood and death. He was a king, and praised like a lord. He sent judgement to his people and no one can escape from his stoned hands. Slavery was his masterpiece and he doesn’t know the word mercy. I cut his head with my sword and his crown was broken when it fell from the floor. He’s not the real king in this earth and he was just only a human. I took his dark soul and bottled it inside the casket.

I saw another soul in an elegant mansion. She was wearing finest gold in her whole body. She wore a fabulous gown made up of silver linings. Her lips was red like blood spilled through the floor of the dead. Her eyes was alluring and her smile was enticing. Her kingdom was full of gold and silver. She’s powerful. She could buy your life from a single piece of gold. She used this to deceit the poor and slaves to become more richer. She used her money for her own interest, for her unhuman deeds. This was her greatest companion along the way of her life. And by this she was called the queen of deceit. I pierced her whole body, the silver and gold scattered into pieces like dust in the wind. I took her soul with my naked hands and put it inside the jar. Her gold and silver were useless to save her life. And money couldn’t buy anything in this world.

I saw another soul full of hatred. His heart was full of disgust and numb. He loved to create war and injustice amidst the crowd. His art was killing innocent lives of people. He had a lot of weapons inside his territory. He had his own command and ruled over his own people. He don’t recognize and respect the leader of his country and for he in his own was the leader. He rebel against his own land and he wanted to be the dictator. His name was Terror and fond of killing and contradicting the rules of just. I killed him with scythe with just one shot. I took his soul full of hatred and placed inside the casket.

I saw another soul burning with lust. She was beautiful like the sunset. Her skin was shining like stardust across the sky, while her lips so sweet like honey. Her eyes glittered when she smile and no one can resist it. Look at her and you’ll be allured like a siren singing melodious rhythm in the deepest of ocean. Her body was her asset and source of life. She was burning with passion whenever you touch her belly. Her body was consumed by many hands and her flesh devoured by many lips. This was her way of life she used to. She was called the “Magdalene” by many. Most men were allured by her wondrous and lustful figure. She was the lover of many men along the towns and cities. I pierced her belly using my sword and her body was no longer in shape. I killed her and took her soul and put it inside the casket. Outside appearance fades when death comes along the way and being beautiful is not about looks and appearance.

I had killed many and collected a lot of souls in the land of human when I stayed there. There were still few who lived in the in purity and followed the light. But mostly all of them surrendered in the path of darkness that lead them into death. I burnt their souls and watched them turned into ashes. I heard their cries, agony, pain and suffering when fire totally ate them. The fire was their judgement to death and they vanished like a smoke in the air.

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