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When you’re gone

When you’re gone the flowers will still bloom in the garden, the butterflies will still dance around the oak tree.
When you’re gone the stars above the sky will still glitter in the darkness of the night, the moon will still be there giving some lights to lighten the the dark road.
When you’re gone the sun will still rise every morning, his presence will never fade making all the creatures glow by his sunrays.
When you’re gone the radio will still play pop and rock music, everyone will still hear its upbeat rhythm and will still sing and dance by its lively melodies.
When you’re gone the laughters of your friends will still be there echoing in the corner of the room, their absurd jokes will always be heard and their smile will still be painted on their lips.
When you’re gone your mother will still be there waiting on the door, waiting for your coming in the late night. She’ll still cook early in the morning and will still serve a breakfast in center table. She’ll still do her daily routine but it’s not the same as before when she notice your absence as she look at the empty basket case beside your door. When you’re gone your father will still drink his coffee in the morning, he’ll still sit in the balcony and remember those times when you join him having coffee early in the morning. He’ll still spend his time looking at the wide green fields as he no longer feel your presence by his side.
When you’re gone the flowers still bloom, the butterflies still dance, the stars still glitters, the moon still gives light, the sun still rise, the radio still play.
But when you’re gone and without you, the people who loves you would not want the sun to rise, because facing another day is too heavy from their heart. Without you the stars and moon no longer glitters as before cause you are the light that shines in their darkest days. Without you those flowers no longer amaze them even if it blooms lovely because you are more wonderful than the flowers. Without you the music will still play but they no longer sing and dance because it only reminds them of you and they will never see you again. And when you’re gone their life will never be the same without you.

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