The weak shall die
The strong will survive
Pity has no room below the ground
And the thirst for blood is strength.

If your bones are weak
Then you’ll be crash into pieces
If your muscles are soft
Then you’re just a piece of paper that can easily be fold.

If you fear death
Then you must not live
Fear is a weakness you must counter
Counter it with strength and bravery.

Your fist is a deadly weapon
While the eyes is your guide
Your feet is your foundation
Build it strong so it could not be shaken.

The weak shall die but I will survive
I am weak but I will not be shaken
I don’t thirst for blood
But I’m ready to bleed to live.

My bones are weak
But I’ll never be crash into pieces
My muscles are soft
But I’ll make it stiff and strong.

I fear of death but I shall survive
My weakness will be my strength
I am not brave but I should be
So death will not bother to touch me.

My fist will bleed
My eyes would get blurred
My feet could be shaken
But I’ll stand still to fight until my last breath.

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