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The Boulevard (novel, to be continued.. incomplete)

Chapter 1.

I don’t know if I saw this woman before. I don’t know if I know her or have we ever meet before? This thoughts sink into my mind when I bumped a familiar stranger across the street last night. She looked at me with disgust in her face. I don’t know why I saw hatred when she stares at me. I looked at her wondering why and then she moved her way out in a sudden. I’m confused- totally confused and wondering why she act like that. I really don’t know why I feel strange also when I looked at her that moment. It seems like I know her for a long time and my heart skips a beat for a while when our eyes met. Strange feeling and then again my head started to feel an intense pain.

The intense pain I feel continues as sit at the balcony of our house. It’s hurting my head badly as of the moment when I started figuring out who’s that familiar woman I bumped in the street. I’m not really sure but I know deep down in my spine we’ve known each other a long time ago. It’s just that I can’t remember when or how. Maybe the injuries in my head affects my memory recalling a certain person, happenings or events of my life. I have five stitches on my head beside my left ear. I acquired this cut when I was driving my motorbike while I’m drunk a month ago. I still don’t know why I’m drunk that time and still drove my bike way home. Until now I’m trying to figure out what happens on that day before that accident. I started asking the people around me and the response they’ll tell me the whole story if my head are fully recovered from the cuts.

My mother appears in the door and told me to go inside the house. “Come inside my son, it’s already late in the evening and your head is not fully recovered from its cuts.” she shouted. I nodded at her and headed my way to the door. I can’t still walk straight because of my injuries on my legs. I’m lucky enough to survive that accident that night. My motorbike went straight to the tree of acassia when I lost control of the handle because of driving fast. My bike hit first the tree before I flew on the air and crashed my body on the ground. My whole body was numb at that moment because of too much alcohol. I only felt the intense pain when my I got my consciousness back at the hospital after three days. A miracle indeed happened to me as I was able to wake up for a sleep after three days.

Chapter 2.

The doctor told me I was lucky enough to survive that accident. My head was badly hurt by the impact and ever I don’t wore helmet that day I’m probably dead right now. The doctor told me to undergo some more test to determine if my brain was not damage by impact when I hit on the ground. After some test my head was finally cleared from any complications but I still to continue my medication and follow up check ups.

Leyzil was still puzzled when she saw the man who broke her heart last night. She never expect she would see him again after that incident. Riam hurt her when he told her secrets with his best friend. Leyzil felt she was betrayed by this and they fought that night and ended up with a break up. She and Riam were almost 3 years in a relationship but in a sudden trust issues destroyed them. She thought he was that trustworthy to keep her secrets within himself but then after all he’s not as she thought. Leyzil was hurt by his lies and not keeping his promises. She loved him but he broke her trust and that’s not an easy thing to repair. The damage has been done and her heart was totally close for a second chance.

Leyzil was a victim of sexual harassment by his step-father when she was in grade school. She was traumatized by this and afraid of seeing a man in front of her. She was not fond of socializing with many people. She preferred to be alone at all time rather than socializing with others. For her being alone is better and means peace. She’s used to this until she met Riam during her high school days. The loner girl began to develop friendship with others. She’s not that an isolated island anymore when she became close to Riam. Their friendship became stronger as she began to trust him. For the first time in her entire life she’s not anymore scared of a man in front of her. She slowly overcome her traumatic experience with his step-father and that’s because of Riam.

After graduating high school Leyzil and Riam parted their ways. She took the course mass communication in the university of westlake while Riam took an architect in the university of altas. Leyzil and Riam no longer had communication that time until the second semester of her first year ended. She went to her hometown for a vacation and there she saw Riam again. She was happy and glad seeing him again for a while. “Hi how are you doing right now”? Riam asked her. “I’m doing good and how bout you”? Leyzil replied. “Here looking sad because I miss you but now anymore coz you’re here in front me right now” he said while smiling. Leyzil chuckled and both laughed and that’s the start of their communication again. Both gave their contacts to each other and every day they communicate.

Chapter 3.

Riam remember the woman he saw a day ago. His memory finally got back. The woman that he loved the most are now a total stranger in his eyes. He tried to talk to her but she doesn’t want to see his shadow. Not everyone deserves a second chance as he thought and that’s life. That hurts but life must go on even a part of him still want to fix the broken pieces between them. He move his way out of hurting situation and venture some places to find peace within his soul. He left his hometown and went to Carosyy to continue his studies. He realized that some things were not  the same as before that’s why he left and just focused on his studies.

“Why are you so serious bro?” Why don’t you hang around and have fun with the girls out there instead of spending to much time on your books? ” Danny mocking Riam in the library.” Will you please shut up Danny? I’m busy right now with my preparation for the upcoming exam.” Riam replied.” C’mon men I’m just want you to relax sometimes cause you’re drowning yourself in your studies, you don’t even have time to do your hobbies.” Danny added. Danny was right, he forgot to do his hobbies as he entered in the academy of Carossy. His focus was totally in his studies and he didn’t have time to socialize with his friends.” I’m sorry bro, I didn’t mean to do this but you’re not even talking to me this past few weeks” Danny said. Riam remained silent staring at his books and papers. He gave a quick glance at the window of library and sighed. Danny was absolutely right, he’s drowning his self with paper works–he’s drowning his self to forget his bad past.

After the examination, Riam followed the advice of his friend. He and Danny went to the museum of Artesia to witness the opening of its art work and gallery. The museum was quite old and the foundation of it was made of marbles. The artworks there were unique and some are purely abstract. The paintings are colorful with different designs and it’s very warmth in the eyes. Riam and Danny were glad they attended an event like this. Somehow they forget the stress about school works, especially the exam and paper works. They enjoyed the exhibit of the museum and went home with smile on their lips.

Chapter 4.

The exam was over and vacation took place. Riam was hesitant if he would come home or stay in his uncle’s house this vacation but at the end he chose to go home. It took him two years before he finally decided to venture his way home.

After two years of not going home, Riam was finally at home. His father was a little bit confused why didn’t he went home the last two years. While her mother understand the reason why he didn’t come home for the past two years. She knew already the reason and she understand his son. Her mom approach him and hug him tightly. “Welcome home son”, her mother said. Riam just kiss his mother’s forehead and smile sweetly. “Nice seeing you again mom and to you also my dear father” he said. “So tell me son why did you not come home for the past two years?” His father said. “Don’t you miss us?” he added. Riam just chuckle about his dad’s questions for he already know about his silly jokes.

The sun is not yet rising as Riam walks in the boulevard of Demeria. The boulevard is good for having a walk early in the morning and like wise when sun sets. It’s been a long time since he walk early in the morning in this boulevard. The last time he went to this place was when he watch the sunset together with Leyzil. Riam suddenly feel sad when he remember the memories they spent on this boulevard. He shook his head and silently watch the waves crashing through the sea walls. Memories are still there and does not easily be erase as he thought. After an hour of walking and staying in the boulevard of Demeria Riam decided to have a cup of coffee in the “mugs and nuts” near the boulevard of Demeria. They serve strong coffee, hot chocolates and dessert that’s good for the taste of the people of their hometown. He order a cup of coffee and hot chocolate for he misses this two. This is his favorite whenever he visits this place. He spends half an hour on the shop and went home.

Chapter 5.

Leyzil was a little bit surprised when she saw Riam in the boulevard of Demeria early in the morning. It’s been two years since he left in their hometown and study afar. While her decided to continue her studies at the same school she enrolled when she went to first year college. She was also walking in the boulevard of Demeria that morning when she saw him standing near the sea shore. Two years had gone so fast yet the memories was still there seeing him again. She knows that the pain he caused her was not that easy to forget and forgive but she’s still reminded of the happy moments they have shared way back then. Riam has still a place in her heart but she couldn’t forget his mistakes that caused her not to trust anymore. Maybe time will come and it will heal all the pain and scars of yesterday as she thought. Time will tell.

Leyzil was currently in third year college and focus on her studies. She has no time on anything except school matters. For three years in college she has not been on relationship eventhough there were some guys who’s interested on her. She’s not interested either on them and her focus was in her studies. The only person that she’s comfortable with was her best friend Addie. Addie was her classmate from first year to present. Both of them are not socialholoc and they rather stay on house than attending school parties. They don’t have time to entertain those guys who keep on chasing them. Some would say that they are out of this world, but who cares? They don’t care either about what they say. The only thing that got stuck up in their mind was to study. Yes! Studies!

The vacation was over and 2nd semester was fast approaching. Back to reality in the minds of students like Leyzil and Addie. “Haissttt… Vacation seems too short” Addie sigh. Leyzil just laugh at her as they finish the enrollment for the 2nd semester. “Don’t worry Addie your crush will cheer you up when the classes resume” Leyzil said while grinning. Addie’s face suddenly blush. “Shhhh, will you please keep quiet and stop mentioning his name” she replied. “He don’t even know me and he’s not interested in me cause I’m weird” she added. “Who knows he likes you and he just doesn’t show it, hmmm” Leyzil teasing her. “In my dreams bestie” as both of them laugh hard while walking in the hallway.

Chapter 6.

“Hey Addie, guess what— we have a new classmate” Leyzil approached Addie in the hallway. “Huh?? So what’s the big deal about it my bestie”? Addie shook her head. “I’m talking about your crush and he’s the new comer in our section” Leyzil silently whisper in her bestie. “Ohhh.. What?? Is that true? What do you mean? How could it be”? Addie said while blushing. “Well, I don’t know too, let’s just ask him if you want to know the reason why he change his section” Leyzil replied while chuckling. “Hmm seems like we have a new love team in our classroom this 2nd semester” she added. “Would you please stop teasing me Leyzil? I don’t have any interest on him and he’s just my crush” Addie said. “Then why does your face turned into pinkish tomato sauce”? Hahaha..nahh my bestie is little bit affected” Leyzil responded. “Just stop your non sense day dreaming bestie, I’m not affected about him or so whatever” Addie said. Leyzil just followed her in the corridor while laughing.

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