Reasons why long term relationship ends.

Majority of us tend to believe that the longer the relationship we build the stronger the foundation and will surely last. Well, some would agree by this while others will not consider this kind of thought. Although there are some couples that proved that relationship last because of the long years they been together there are also some that end up into break ups and nothingness.

I knew someone who’s been in a relationship for a long years with his partner but in the end they end up for nothing. Maybe the foundation of their relationship is not that strong and firm, or maybe there are some issues between them that got conflicts on both side. Anyways it’s just a thought that pops up inside my mind as I recall those couples way back then.
But nevertheless here are some reasons why long term couples who’s been in long years into relationship got separated :

1. Lack of time for each other.
In relationship having time with your partner is very important. It is a vital component of every relationship to demand a time or have time. So if you want to have a happy relationship with your partner you must have time for each other no matter how busy your schedule. Spend time with your love ones even in simple ways that will make her/him feel important. By doing this your relationship will work out and will have a strong foundation. Time is more precious than any material things in every relationship. Time is gold indeed.

2. Distance / long distance relationship.

The most common reason while couples who’s been in long years of relationship separated. Well, distance is hard to dwell especially when both are having a hectic schedule. Imagine both of you are far away from each other and the thought you don’t usually see your partner. Because of this long distance relationship one would either fall out love due to the lack of time and togetherness if the love isn’t it that strong and firm. No doubt distance ruins every relationship if it is not that strong. Communication is badly needed if you are in long distance relationship. Try to communicate and likewise understand the situation to save and maintain the harmony of your relationship.

3.Falling out love.

They say it takes a second to fall in love, but how about to fall out love? I don’t know either if it is true or not about falling out love. Well, someone had told me that thing. Maybe that’s possible if both of them are not working their relationship well. Probably the reason why couples fall out love cause they don’t tend to support each other as a one team. As couples you need to put in mind that you’re a one way team and should work your responsibility towards your goals as one and as partners. It maybe also the latter one would realized the he/she woke up one day the he/she don’t love that person anymore. Weird? But I guess one would realized that she’s is not the one for him for his entire life as he’s been with her for a long time and realization hit him hard. Strange right? The time they spend for a long a time is wasted just because of falling out love. I guess if you want to have an everlasting relationship, one should work his way to save the relationship no matter how hard the situation is. It’s a matter of keeping the fire within two souls to maintain and outgrow the weak sides of each other.

4. Unfaithfulness.

Every relationship has ups and downs and that’s normal for a couples. Having fight is common and also healthy for a relationship. What is not good for the couples is having a fight and one would use that reason to find away to find some attention on others. That sucks when your partner is not faithful on you. No matter how long your relationship is, if one is unfaithful and not totally committed on you, a relationship will still not last. This will take place if one would submit into temptations. Be faithful then and love your partner with commitment and respect. Unfaithfulness is a desease in every relationship and there’s no cure if someone would still do the same thing again and again no matter how forgiveness takes place to resolve the issue. Everybody deserves a second chance but if that chances got abused then time to free your self from that toxic relationship.

5. Unhealthy boundaries.

You’re a part of couple but that doesn’t mean you can do all stuffs or things together as one. Setting boundaries is also good for your own growth as individual. Sometimes you don’t need to depend on your partner and spend time with your own. The reasons why relationships fall apart is because both don’t know their own boundaries and then surprised and got hurt or offended when their partner oversteps their boundaries. Establish those boundaries so it can keep both of you on the same track and prevent resentment.

6. Family issues.

Relationship is between you and your partner but outside forces can make things complicated like family issues. No matter how committed are you with your partner if the parents is against your relationship, this will still lead into unhealthy relationship. By this conflict would take place and one must resolve the certain issue that would destroy the foundation of the relationship. Understanding is must and be open up with your partner to resolve the conflict. Because at the end of the day it is you and your partner that would live together as one. Parents are just there to guide and support their children.

Every relationship is not perfect and couples must learn to adapt every situations they’re facing. Couples must have a strong understanding and faithfulness. Time and support for each other will help a lot to maintain the love alive in every couples. Love is a wonderful thing in this world and must be treasured.

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