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Parallel World

Life is ironic. Isn’t it? How could it be?
Probably this thoughts suddenly sink within your minds. But how?
Come to think of it you held back your breath in a minute trying to escape the pain you feel at the moment while on the other side and at the same time someone’s battling to breathe to keep his life for a while. Imagine how you want to end up your life because you thought you’re a mess but have you ever thought someone is dying and still fighting to survive every single day and not wanting to touch by the shadow of death.

Just imagine how you wasted the food on your table because you didn’t like it, but how about the the other children out there struggling to eat everyday. They beg for food to eat and worst they even look for it inside the trash can along the streets to satisfy their hunger, and you? You’re wasting too much food that some dream of.
Imagine how your kids play on the ground while running with smile in their face and happiness is all over them and on the other hand some kids across the globe did the same, running but with blood painted with their faces and fear was all over them because of the cruelty of war.
Come to think of it you’re too tired and stressed about your job that you wanted to resign or leave while on the other hand someone is struggling to find a work to support the needs of his family. What then? Learn to love your job and appreciate what you have for not all have the same thing on you.

Here’s the sad part of today’s generation; young people tend to disrespect and unappreciate the efforts of their parents. Just imagine how your parents exerted efforts to send you to school and give all your needs and there you are cutting classes, making vices and going somewhere with your fellow peers and hanging around. How about those children wanting to study yet lack of support from their parents because of poverty? Imagine how lucky you are if you can still study and go to school. So why not make your parents proud instead?

Your world shattered into pieces when someone you love left you hanging in the air or cheated on you. Your heartbreak was so terrible that you wanted to mess around, you barely losing your mind trying to forget that someone and the pain it caused you, but have you ever thought you lose yourself in the process for loving them too much, for keeping them by your side and you forget to love and appreciate yourself. Heartbreak can be painful but we barely forgot to appreciate ourselves when loving someone, so instead give love to yourself also for you need that thing too.

You got rebellious against your parents because you’re not satisfied by what they give, your not satisfied by your wants, their time and also their attention. Instead of being thankful about them you cursed them and disrespect them as your parents. Did you ever imagined yourself without them? Did you think of the million homeless children living without a parent? Just how lucky you are if you still have them while others dreaming and wanting to have one, wanting to have yours. Did you imagine that?

Ironies of life I guess. Oftentimes we are blinded by our desire, by our own thoughts. We seldom complain of what we don’t have rather than appreciating every thing that we have. We often stressed ourselves with the things or possessions that got complicated as we tried to go deeper. We barely forgot the word “appreciation” in daily basis. Life has so many ironies so learn to appreciate what you have before you regret at the end. Be thankful for every single blessings that comes along your way. Be grateful then and don’t forget to appreciate life.

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