Journey Life

My Dear Old Friend

My dear old friend how are you?
It’s been a long time since we meet.
Our paths once again cross unexpectedly
Still no changes as I gaze into your eyes.

My dear old friend how are you?
Looks like you took isolation with you
Telling him to embrace me just you did
And yes both of you reach me profoundly.

How are you doing my old friend?
The last time I saw you butterflies were all over you
Beautiful colors reflects upon your eyes and smile
But now darkish gray painted within your face.

What happen to the old you?
The old you are too far from I’ve seen a long time ago
You’re not as vibrant as the sun anymore
And all I see now are shadows all over your entity.

My dear old friend don’t ask me those questions
Pain changes people and so am I
Heartbreaks and failures change us in a way we couldn’t imagine
People change and don’t be surprised in the first place.

My dear old friend you shouldn’t ask me those questions anyway
We’ve met before and the answers are the same after all
I came here to see you for a while
But that doesn’t mean I’ll stay here forever.

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