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Ledamy: Arrows and Ashes

2041, the war between Amrezians and Ruzzins started. The two most powerful forces in the world collide proving they are powerful and not afraid of anything. These two has the most powerful forces and has great armies with their own respectively. Both parties were good at fighting and had always set a good strategy before diving into battle. After a month of war, the Ruzzins outlasted the forces of Amrezians and they finally conquered this country. The Ruzzins successfully defeated the Amrezians but this not the end of their invasion as they plan to invade the other small countries beside their territory.

The Ruzzins were not satisfied with their victory against the Amrezians and set a plan to conquer the small countries beside the Amrezians and mine belong to this small countries. The peaceful life of the people of Antarius, Freccin, Guamesia, Langgodia, and Philinia has come to its end. This five small countries tend to be at peace with each other build a good relationship at the long period of time. But then came a point the war between the two most powerful counrty took place and they knew at the very first place whoever wins between this two will hunger more to invade the other countries beside their territory.

The old Chulmia planned to set a proposal with the other leaders of the small countries to merge forces to become as one. She was the oldest leader among the five and has gained a lot of experience when it comes to planning a strategy and decision making. She’s the leader of Guamesia for a long period of time and was guided by his father to become a strong leader for her country.

Chulmia was the daughter of late Yedatti. Yedatti was related to the founder of the Ruzzins. His father and the late King Ruzner were cousins. Their relationship as cousins were very intimate at the first place until such time the brother of Ruzner got jealous by the attention he gave to Yedatti. Rudnar made some stories to destroy Yedatti in the eyes of his brother. Ruzner believed in the fake stories and accusations of his younger brother and no longer trust his cousin Yedatti. The bond of Yedatti and Ruzner got destroyed by the lies of Rudnar. It was then that time Yedatti chose to move his way out in the country of Ruzzins and lived in the small country of Guamesia.

Yedatti traveled his way home after 5 years of staying in the country of Ruzzins. He was sent to Ruzzzins way back when he was 16 years of age. He trained and developed his skill in combat in the training ground of Neziru. After a year of molding his shape and skills they were sent to a war. Over there together with his fellow warriors who trained in the Neziru dominated the battle and conquered many province and countries in 4 years. His name was so popular in the country of Ruzzins when they went home victorious from their invasion. That’s the start of good bond between Yedatti and Ruzner until the jealousy of Rudnar broke it. Ruzner was blinded by the lies of his brother and no longer trust Yedatti anymore. Yedatti decided to move his way out of Ruzzins after for so many years.

Yedatti was welcomed by his brother with warmth hug. It’s been a long time since he saw his brother Yaganu. He’s now grown up into a man, masculine type and good looking. His own country has changed a lot since he left five years ago. The citizens of every town had now a camp to train the young boys for fighting in case of war. The forces of Guamesia were not that strong compared to the other countries beside them. His brother Yaganu proposed the training camp for the youngsters in the elders. Since then its operation for molding the skills of the young people started.

Yedatti trained the young ones together with his brother Yaganu. He gained the respect of the elders and appointed him as the commander of the “troperium. ” On the other hand his younger brother became his right hand. Yedatti married the daughter of elder Maura and became the new leader of the Guamesia. He married Aurylia and she gave birth to a child named Chulmia. His wife died after the tragedy in the forest of Trucymal. The chariot of Aurylia was hit and destroyed by a falling branch of tree when she traveled her way home. The chariot rolled over the mountain and went straight to the cliff. Her body was not found anywhere. He mourned for the death of his wife and he raised their only child Chulmia with his own hands.

Chulmia was growing faster, his father barely noticed the sudden growth of her. She’s a happy kid who loves to run the mountain of Gumerr. She smile like the vibrance of the sun that made his father remember her mother Aurylia. She look like of her mother as Yedatti stares her near the mulberry tree. Time flies since her mother passed away because of that incident in the mountain of Trucymal. Now Chulmia is already ten years of age and almost grown up into a young woman.

The country of Guamesia celebrated a feast every year by giving honor to their late founder Guamme. The name of their country was taken from him since he was the first leader when the place was only a town. The people were very busy on this day and everyone was celebrating and drunk. Nobody’s seeing a danger was coming on their way as the forces of Rudnar secretly entered the passage of their hometown. Rudnar burned some house and killed who crossed their ways that night. Many was drunk and weak to defend theirselves that caused their death. Yedatti was killed by Rudnar when he defend his brother when he went straight to the sword of Rudnar. He coughed blood from his mouth and wasn’t able to survive that night. Yaganu tried to save him but there’s nothing he could do. The whole village of Guamesia was almost destroyed by the fire, while Rudnar and his men decided to move out of the place let the fire burn them whole.

The country of Guamesia was still alive. They survived that surprised attack of Rudnar but many were killed and injured because of the fire. Chulmia survived but his father died in that incident. She was now all alone by herself and she no longer had a parents to guide her. His uncle Yaganu promised to raised her as he made a vow to protect his brother’s daughter. “Guamesia will rise again and will become even stronger than before” said the young Chulmia with tears in her eyes.

Tears never stop pouring from Chulmia’s eyes as she bade goodbye to his father. She promised to herself that she’ll train to become stronger like just him. She made a bow that one day justice will be given to his father. She made a promise in front of his father’s grave that she’ll avenge his death not now but soon. The young Chulmia was no longer treat herself as a kid and she was now determined to become a tough woman.

Ten years had passed and the young Chulmia already grown up into a woman. The young girl was now strong in figure and has gained a lot of experience in her training she spent the whole 8 years. She was appointed as the new commander of the troopers by his uncle. Yaganu was new leader of the Guamesia after his brother Yedatti passed away. After ten years peace finally restored in the country of Guamesia. The peaceful life of the people were finally back at normal. After that surprise attacked of Rudnar the village tightened its security and defense on the secret passage.

Chulmia got married to Ledlo, her childhood friend. She gave birth to a girl and named it Ledamy. Both filled with joy watching their first child growing fast and strong. At the age of six they saw a potential from their child. Ledamy was good at handling a bow with her own hands. The child seemed fond of shooting an arrow to the mulberry tree. Ledlo always took his child whenever he traveled in the place of his family. One day he brought Ledamy with him and went to see his grandfather in the province of Fujeria. While on their way to Fujeria, a group of assassins ambush them in the road. Ledlo did not survived that day but Ledamy rolled down in the downhill of the forest and went straight to the river of Maelang.

Chulmia’s agony did not stop from her father’s death, and now her husband and only child were also dead. She could not believed this was happening to her. The world seemed punishing her that her loves ones always left her alone. They buried the body of her husband beside the tomb of her great father. While on the other hand they still don’t know if Ledamy survived or already dead. Chulmia still don’t lose hope that Ledamy was still alive and she will come back home. She remained strong despite the tragedy that happened to her family and continued her life as the commander of troopers. She trained harder the young generation of her country to become more skilled and ready for anything in case of an attack from their enemies. She dedicated her life as trainer of the young people.

Ledamy touches her aching head as she try to get up in the muddy water beside the old tree of Assacia. She has a cut from her right cheek and left hand. She’s in pain and don’t have enough strength to walk as dizziness hit her hard. She fall down on the ground and fall asleep.

The tribe of Muragung saw the unconscious Ledamy in the ground beside the old tree of Assacia. This tribe was hunting a food together in the wild forest of Yda. The young Ryumar first saw Ledamy and called his fellow Muragung to help her. They took Ledamy with them and gave her aid and went in their small hometown. Ryumar reached their home and immediately gave medication to Ledamy. “The cut of a young girl was not a joke and that’s reason why she’s unconscious” said the older Muragung. Ryumar was good in this matter, he was trained by his father for healing deep cuts and injuries.

Ledamy woke up from a different place. Her eyes was not familiar with the things around her. She tried to get up from the bed and sat searching for answers around her why she was in this place. A minute had passed and she finally remembered she was ambushed in the forest heading her way to her grandparents house. She escaped death but not his father. Tears poured out from her eyes as she remembered her father trying to save her. Her heart was hurting as she saw his father struggling to breathe anymore. Pain and agony dwells in her heart as of a moment as she think of that scenario.

Ryumar saw Ledamy crying as he approached in the door of Old Arpol house. He was hesitant to ask her at first but he took his guts and asked her about the whole story. “Where did you get your cuts and why are unconscious under the assacia tree?” Ryumar asked her. “Me and father was ambushed when we’re heading our way to my grandparents house, my father did not survived and he save my life by sacrificing his own life. I rolled down downhill of the forest and went straight to the muddy part near the river beside the assacia tree” said Ledamy. “I’m sorry, I don’t mean it, sorry for the lost of your father” Ryumar added. “That’s alright and thank you for saving my life” Ledamy utter. Ryumar nodded and told her she needs more rest and then he head his way to the door.

Three days had passed and Ledamy finally recovered her strength, thanks to the efforts of Ryumar. She can now walk and her left arm no longer in pain. She decided to go out to see what lies outside her door. She saw Ryumar and his fellow tribe sitting and talking in one corner of the village. Ryumar approached her and asked her if she’s finally well. She nodded as she was offered to sat beside him.

Ledamy tell the whole story about her being unconscious on the ground that day to the group of Muragung. The old Mudred felt sorry for the lost of her father and promised to help her go home but she refused to go home for she knew her life was still in danger. The old Mudred understand her and instead he told her to train in his camp while she was staying in the tribe. Ledamy agreed with the idea of old Mudred and she stayed in the tribe of Muragung for seven years. Over the seven years she master the archery perfectly. Her skill in releasing an arrow was so accurate that it hits the target beautifully. She was also good in handling a sword and a gun.

Ledamy found a new friends also in the tribe of Muragung. Her closeness to Ryumar became intimate and they became best friends. Their bond became stronger when they trained together under the supervise of Cushimy. A master of archery and sword who used to fight in war in his younger years. He stop fighting when he injured his left arm in the war between Shugani and Valteruz. He was a member of Shugani clan who allied in the country of Amrezians while the Valteruz support the country of Ruzzins. Those encounters were bloody as skilled warriors and assassins faced each other. Many died in that war but Cushimy survived and ventured his way to his brother Mudred in Muragung.

Ledamy and Ryumar was in awe as they heard the story of Cushimy. No wonder he was great in handling a sword and bow. Even though his life arm was not at shape still he can hit the center of the grape. Ledamy was determined to become like him when it comes in handling a bow while Ryumar promised he’ll become an expert in sword just like Cushimy. The two trained harder for the past years and slowly they master the art of archery and handling a sword.

The war between Amrezians and Ruzzins has ended. The war seemed terrifying that many lives were taken, both the young and the old and worst many innocent child has lost their lives because of this war. This war echoed even in the other small countries and the Muragung tribe fear the Ruzzins will continue its destruction to the other countries. The old Mudred did not mistaken as a messenger from Antarius arrived and told him that they needed their help as Ruzzins plan to invade their country. Mudred promised to help the Antarians and they’ll travel their way as soon as possible. After a week the warriors of Muragung headed their way to Antarius for the preparation of war against the Ruzzins. Other small countries will unite too to help against the forces of Ruzzins.

The tribe of Muragung was almost on the country of Antarius when a message was being sent to them. The country was surprised by unexpected attack from the group of Rudnar. The Antarians fought hard as they can but got nothing to do with the forces of Rudnar. They were blind side by the surprise attack and most of them were not prepared of this. The forces of Rudnar destroyed all the buildings and took some Antarians for slavery purposes. The tribe of Muragung got short delayed for their coming on the Antarius and total destruction welcomed them as they saw dilapidated main city of Antarians.

Debris scattered around the corner of Antarius. The walls and ceilings of every buildings were painted with blood and the floor absolutely not good in the eyes for corpse were everywhere. I saw this with my very own eyes as we passed by the country of Antarius going to Guamesia. The cruelty of war I guess never stops as the Ruzzins were never satisfied with their hunger in killing innocent people. The sad part of of this war was that the innocent and young ones were part of this dilemma and I belong there.

We headed our way to Guamesia after we failed to help the country of Antarius. After 7 years I’m coming back to my hometown after that incident of ambush with me and my father. I don’t what to feel when I see my mother or will she recognize me as her daughter. We’re almost in the boundary of Guamesia and my heart beats faster as I step my feet in my own country. I’m back, I’m finally home.

Ledamy saw many changes around the Guamesia as they traveled to the main town of the country. The country was far different from before, there were new houses and guard house in the entrance of the main town. The security was quite strict and observant to the people who entered in the main town. The tribe of Muragung were familiar to Chulmia way back then. Chulmia and Cushimy were good friends before. They went straight to the place of Chulmia.

Chulmia was sitting in the balcony when she saw the group of Cushimy walking on the road. It’s been a long time since she saw him and now she’ll finally meet her good friend. The group of Muragung has arrived at the house of Chulmia and there Cushimy hug her old friend. On the other hand Ledamy was teary eye when she saw her mother after 7 years. Chulmia was surprised when she saw a familiar face beside the old Mudred. She couldn’t believed Ledamy was still alive and looking at her with teary eyes. She slowly walked towards her while her hands were shaken. She reached her hands and hug her tight while in tears. “Thanks to the Creator above you’re alive my dear daughter” Chulmia whispered. “Yes mother I survived that day and this tribe help me to become stronger and better than before” Ledamy uttered. The two found their arms again in each other after a long time.

That night the whole city celebrated for the coming home of Ledamy. Everyone was happy seeing her again and got joyful for the daughter of their great leader brought some hope together with the tribe of Muragung. Ryumar was amazed by the approach of the Guamesians on them. The hospitality and being friendly of this people warmth his heart deeply. No wonder if all the people in the world would be like the Guamesians probably there would be no war at all. This thoughts sank in the mind of Ryumar as he sipped the wine in a cup. The celebration continues until the dawn and everyone fell asleep.

The day has come Ruzzins declared that they’ll attack the country of Guamesia and other small countries. On the other side Chulmia was preparing for this for a long period of time and quite ready for the war. Ruzzins didn’t know they merged their alliance to become stronger as one force. They cannot easily defeat the forces of small countries as long as the they’re uniting as one. The war has began and everyone was ready to defend their land.

The forces of Rudnar went to the secret passage of the Guamesia to have a surprise attack but the group of Cushimy was there waiting for them. The two was familiar with each other way back then for Rudnar and Cushimy was in the same group before. Both know the capacity and abilities of each other. Rudnar was a little bit surprised when he saw Cushimy. “oh what a surprise! You’re still alive my dear old friend” Rudnar smirked. “it’s been a long time my old comrade, how come you’d still survive that war before”? He added. Cushimy just smile and took a deep sigh. “well my old comrade, I’m still alive for the fact that I’m here standing in front of you to cut off the head of the traitor that betrayed me a long time ago.” Cushimy replied. Rudnar laughed hearing those words from Cushimy. “You’re not that Cushimy I knew for the long time, look your other hand was injured by that war and how could you bet me by that?” he stated. “Then let’s see” Rudnar smirked.

The battle between the Muragung and the group of Rudnar started. This two forces was quite interesting because of their skills and abilities when it comes to fighting. Ledamy and Ryumar showed how strong and dangerous they are. Ledamy struck the heart and head of every enemies that comes along her sight using her bow while Ryumar pierce the flesh of every enemies using his sword. The two took down many enemies that easily. On the other hand Cushimy and Rudnar battle was an unpredictable one. Both was good at fighting and no one knows who will win between them. The two men showed their skills and abilities but at the end Rudnar won the battle. Cushimy was badly hurt in the right arm and he could no longer used his left arm. Ledamy tried to help Cushimy but she was too late and Rudnar cut off his head. Ledamy screamed from what she saw as tears and angered rises from her entire body. Rudnar smirked when he saw the young girl in tears and he pointed his sword towards her. As he tried to hit the young girl with his sword, Ledamy draw her bow and shot an arrow directly to the head of Rudmar. Ledamy killed him with just one shot. Ryumar saw her trembling on her knees and he swiftly hold her tightly and hug her. The battle in the secret passage of the Guamesia was over and the tribe of Muragung successfully defended their ground.

The war was not yet over. The battle continues as the warriors and armies of Ruzzins continue to dominate the front gate of the Guamesia. The forces of five small countries was not that good compared to the huge men of the Ruzzins. The tribe of Muragung immediately went to the main ground of the country and help the others. They slowly stop the forces of Ruzzins as they took down the armies using their skills and abilities. They fought hard to drive the enemies outside the country but then many lives were taken from this including the life of Ryumar. Ledamy killed many enemies that comes along her way and the armies of Ruzzins was aware of this. They targeted her prior to the command of the leader of their troops. One army tried to shoot her using an advance weapon but Ryumar saw this coming and he covered his body to Ledamy. Ryumar was hit by several bullets to the body and died instantly. Ledamy cried when she saw his best friend falling on the ground and no longer breathing. She took her bow and fired an arrow to the direction where the bullets came. She hit the target and fell down on the dirt. She tried to save Ryumar and ran out of the battlefield but it was too late. Her best friend was dead on the spot.

The war was over and the Guamesians defended their land together with the help other small countries but many sacrifices their lives including the lives of Cushimy and Ryumar. Ledamy was saddened but this and her heart was pierce by this lost. Two of the most close person in her life was now gone protecting her. The two were no longer as friends to her for she treated them as her family too.

After the war Ledamy burnt the bodies of Cushimy and Ryumar. These two people played an important role in her life. She put the ashes of the two into a small casket and string it with her bow. Together with the Muragung she traveled their way going to the country of Ruzzins to finish the unfinish business. They negotiate for a peace talk to stop the war and invasion but the Ruzzins denied this proposal and by this Ledamy and Muragung battled them and destroy the whole city of Ruzzins. The forces of Ruzzins was not that strong anymore because of that war and the group of Ledamy got victorious defeating them. The reign of Ruzzins finally comes to its end.

Ledamy ventured their way home after the burning the whole city of Ruzzins. She told her mother Chulmia to set a new proposal to the whole small countries. She stated that everyone must embrace peace like their lives and that should be always place within their hearts. Chulmia agreed with her and told the other small countries that they should preserve peace until the end of time. They agreed by this and promised to keep it until the ages and by that they’ll live in peace and harmony.

The proposal was now clear to all and so the other small countries go back to their peaceful life. War was no longer a treat for everyone and they are no longer worried of anything else. On the other hand, Ledamy promised that she’ll be a good leader someday. Her mother Chulmia was not getting any younger anymore and one day she’ll be appointed as the next leader of the Guamesia. She continued her study and taught the young people about the importance of peace and love. At the age of 19 she become the youngest leader of Guamesia when her mother appointed her as the new leader. She dethroned her mother because of her sickness. And then Ledamy implemented that every young people should prioritize studying as she founded several numbers of school towards the Guamesia.  And by this she was recognized as one of the greatest leader of Guamesia of all time.

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