How can I escape?

You’ve been gone for the past few months.
I’ve rarely noticed it, and it’s a good thing I guess.
I guess I’m slowly getting over you,
But every once and a while,
I’m still reminded of you.
And then again my breath is caught as memories flashes back like lightning across my mind.
The clouded mind is filled with undying thoughts of you,
As suffocating feeling of loneliness eats me whole.
I try to remember the scenario and wonder what exactly happened.
How did we get there?
How did we get there?
I hurt you,
You hurt me.
Will this be permanent?
The regrets that taunts me thorough.
Every now and then I pretend everything is okay and nothing ever happened.
How can you escape when regrets are all over your soul?
I hate this feeling and the thought of you.
How can I escape?

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