Love Reminiscence

A Summer’s Love

Our story began in one day of summer,
Where flowers bloom and so just like our love.
From being friends to lovers
And then lovers turned into strangers.
Just like a summer our story ended
The fire within our hearts fade,
Just like a rain that pours between the midway of the day.
Our summer’s love story was one of the best
Yet far worst than I imagined.
Love was so overwhelming but confusions stir up the minds.
I lost you in the process just like I lost myself.
Meeting you that summer was one the happiest day of my life,
Destiny made its way between us I guess,
But then it did not last at the moment.
I found myself when I got you.
Day by day I fell inlove with you unexpectedly.
I’ve seen how you shine under the vibrant lights of the sun,
I’ve seen how you dance underneath the shadow of the moon
I was seeing the best in you every single day,
But in a sudden it vanished.
Our story ended in a blink of an eye,
Summer fades and and rain began to fall.
The sun tried to shine but the storm made its way above.
How ironic this life could be,
We’re destine to meet each other, but only in a short period of time.
We can’t blame the instances either for sometimes we made them with our own.
You are my summer’s love and every summer,
I still remember you when I sit in the sand we’ve used to walk before.

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