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Winter’s Tale

A woman with a lean figure
sat on the abandoned bench beside the oldest oak tree.
She looked up in the sky,
too oblivious of the crowd in front of her.
While staring at the blankness of the clouds
she flashed a smile, then laughed loudly.
Everyone now noticed her
and took time looking at her vilely.
Everyone started whispering to each other
while sneaking some foul looks on her.
She exchanged looks with everyone
and then laughed again louder than the first time she did.
“You normal people! Hahaha!”
She walked away – slowly towards the nook
and managed to give them her loudest laughter.
She learned to be different
and to be happy on her own way.
It was a lifetime ago –
an eon long forgotten by time,
long forsaken by heaven
when her little raindrops silently fell.
An innocent mind ventured fearlessly
without the aid and counsel of the years.
She thwarted the cycle of the world
and dared to change everything in it.
She boldly challenged the universe
and conspired with the darkest foes…
and the rest was history.
She became the talk of the town
because of the story on how she lost her sanity.
She is detested for crying in the most inappropriate setting, for laughing in the most awkward situation.
Everyone knows her secrets, her hidden desires
but nobody understood her,
no one ever tried.
Nobody wants to be with her not even the mercy of the gods.
Everyone knew how she lost her everything
but no one knew how she gained something from nothing.
Everything has been said about her
but the story of how she got up remained untold.
No wonder she loves winter –
a season of coldness and forgetting.
As the breeze of the coldest embrace took her in,
she finally succumbs to her sweetest escape.

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