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Oftentimes, sadness is an aftermath of many failures from pretentious triumph. The world is beautiful, as they used to say but the acceptance of such belief depends on the willingness of every entity. Well, in all fairness the world is undeniably beautiful. It is wrapped with mysteries. There are a lot of things that are not yet reached and understood by humans’ mind. Only few mysteries were explained.

What is it that really pushes an individual to believe in something he hasn’t seen? Is the faith he upholds enough to justify the truth he believes in? Who are the real humans?

If the truth remains elusive, who and what are the pillars of humanity? Questions with answers that are still encrypted. People know the answers to their questions. The problem is, the answers are the ones unacceptable to them. Their minds have already settled with what they are comfortable with and when confronted by differing opinion, they become rebellious.

Humans tend to be blind. The truth is already laid before them (like a snake ready to devour them anytime) but it’s futile. They refuse to believe what they are seeing. False belief stole away the truth. The influx of another beliefs overwhelms them and in a sudden, they will retreat. They will be again confused and lost.

The world then becomes a lonesome place. A home full of sham and trickeries. In the eyes of the victims, the world is a mountain of melancholies but in the eyes of the victorious, it is a sea of tranquility. Why is this so? How do we really see the world?

It’s hard to admit that everyone is accountable. Further, it’s harder to own the mistakes of others. We are all enemies of each other. We all have to fight for the life we want to have. During twilight, what do you have in mind? I hope it’s not like with mine. We are enemies, remember? But wait, are my thoughts clear to you? I know they aren’t. Why? Because I am me. I am different. I own the thoughts I can only understand. You can’t do anything about it, but you have to accept it. Why? Because the differences are the spices of life, and whether you’ll accept it or not they add beauty to the world.

It’s not that I don’t care about what you believe in, it’s just that I have to introduce the minority of characters who also dwell in this world. You’re not alone. We are many, some are just invisible. Don’t own the world. Don’t blame the world.

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