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To The One Who Never Learned

I told you! Now, look at yourself. You’re at it again: self-pity stage. You never learned. You never listened. You always follow what’s in your heart, what you feel but never what you think, the reasons which kept on whispering you the right thing to be done.

You’re in love? You love him? The questions is: are you enough? Well, it’s pretty obvious that you’re not; otherwise, he stayed. You’ve clung to the idea of him being the right one who will definitely stay and choose you THIS TIME. I’ve told you many times to be careful, to not give your all because I know you very well when you are in love. You are swiftly becoming a fool and mindless. All you ever think is what you feel, without considering the situation.

You felt it but you ignored it. You knew there was something wrong but you chose to believe in his promises: that he’ll never do it to you, that he will be there for you no matter what, that he’ll take care of you, and that he’ll fight for you. In the end, it’s you who keeps on fighting and holding on to someone who has already given up on you.

You fell in love in the fastest tick of the clock but you were ready. It took years before you took the courage to let someone in. He disturbed your solitude and baffled your sensibility. Who would ever thought that he’s like others too when in the first place he was adamant that he’s different? You trusted his words despite the fears because you love him and you want him in your life.

Until when will you listen? You only have yourself! When worst comes to worst, nobody guarantees to stay except yourself. Everyone leaves. I want you to be happy but you always choose to be hurt. You are already in the safe zone but you chose to go out and take the risk. I stopped you but are always stubborn.

You, fool! Can you stop thinking of him? He left you! He’s not a loss. You loved him but he wasn’t appreciative enough to see that. Let him go. You’ve done it before. You can do it now.

Your rational mind gets tired of understanding your whims too. Please don’t wait until your own sanity leaves you.

Being remindful,


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