2,555 days of waiting was wasted when your heart stopped beating my name. For the countless time, I am left alone again.
SPACE. TIME. I gave myself these two things seven years ago and now, in the most painful way, I am being asked to give these to you. How could I let you go?
I prayed for you (for the rarest moment of my agnostic belief); but, why? I am always left hanging.
I MISS YOU. How could I ever utter these words to you when you’re too distant? Would you talk to me if I fly towards you and hug you for the last time?
I LOVE YOU. Did you ever love me too? How can you even say these words when you don’t mean them in the first place?
I want to be angry with you but every time I think of the memories, I always end up loving you. I prepared myself for these last years to be with you, and to give you the love you deserve. But why is it that I can’t get the love I always deserve?
33 days of love tale swiftly turned into my worst nightmare. Where are your promises? Why me? I don’t get into that fling thing but I always end up being fooled and played on?
WAITING. No matter what it takes, as long as time heals the pain, I am just here.

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