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The Best for Now

This is for those friendships that went through test of time. This is for those special bonds that need rest. This is for those shared memories that require new beginning. This is for those friends who are treasured but need freedom and space. It’s not easy but it’s for the good of everyone. A sacrifice that hopes for healing and forgiveness.

Goodbye my friend. This is maybe the end. Our relationship has come to its end. We both don’t want to end it this way but things have been beyond our control and are beyond repair. We lost track of what’s really happening until we both got tired of everything. Does it really have to be this way? You were a good friend that’s why I don’t want to let you go.

Sometimes you really have to know a person well to realize you’re really strangers. We’ve started to discover the worst in each other and that brought fear and confusions. The special bond wasn’t enough to give us reasons to hold on, to fight. We were both frightened and tired of understanding each other because we can’t even understand ourselves. We’ve had each other in our best, but we’ve lost each other in our worst. Nobody stayed.

I don’t want to push things to be fine with you because I know you’re not ready and so I am. But please know that I’ve been stopping myself from reaching out to you. I know one step towards you will mean another stupidity from me. We’ve hurt each other so much. We need healing from each other’s pain. I must admit though that I am filled with fears. Fears that one day, you’ll really be fine without me; that one day, you’ll find someone else; that one day, I’ll be just a memory to you.

Our friendship did not start in the most exciting way. It bloomed in the most boring way. Despite the fights we had, I chose to look on the good things we shared. Our relationship deepened as days passed by. I became a happy soul – always wanting to spend each time with you. The unexpected adventures, spontaneous conversations and precious moments were fleeting but remarkable. Our friendship changed us, in the best way it can. I hope you can still remember that.

I want you to stay but I can’t find the courage to say it. I am in pain because of you. I know that a simple apology won’t do any good to both of us that’s why I gave you the space and time you needed even though it hurts so much. We both need to find ourselves. I wish though that we’ll find our way towards each other. Time has the only luxury to tell whether things are meant or not meant to be.

Goodbye for now my friend.

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