Coveted Price

Living in a world full of enigmatic beauty
gave birth to inquisitive minds.
Queries and complexities rapidly escalate
leaving every mind in deep thinking.

As the day ends, voluminous questions arise,
with only few answers to behold
until the profound term education flourished;
the thirst for wisdom was gradually sufficed.

Together with the catalysts of change,
dedicated educators gave light to the darkness of ignorance.
Whatever lies ahead, learners are well-equipped
as theories were realized and applied.

The fruit of academic challenges
can only be reflected in a piece of paper;
nevertheless it magnifies a colorful journey
of a youthful mind venturing in a world of doubts.

From the sage of olden days,
it was foretold that it’ll bring hope amidst despair.
The nation awaits for its thrive to prosper,
as poverty shuts down the dreams of the youth.

Who are we then to steal away their dreams?
Who are we then to stop them from wandering?
Are we entitled to break their desire to dream?
Are we enough to tear their hope into pieces?

People of today, the generation that has passed
our children are pleading for our leniency.
Let us help them conquer the vastness of improbabilities
by allowing them to dream more than they can imagine.

Education is a right, not a privilege.
Whatever the society dictates
everyone deserves to be educated.
The world’s imperfections have already deprived them of so much,
this is what’s left with them.

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