Our story began
on the day you lost yourself.
A time of self-reflection
on the middle of the crossroads.
Your eyes – too droopy they were
spoke of a thousand agony.
A lonesome man stood silently
while waiting for the rain to fall.
I passed by you
and in an instant moment,
I felt a string of connection.
“Have we met before?”, you asked.
Looking through those sad eyes
I fell in love with the pain.
That was unexpected yet enchanting.
My hand suddenly clasped into yours,
no feeling of strangeness from you then.
Day by day you were healed
by the love I selflessly gave.
I’ve seen how you danced with the rain
while looking at me without the pain.
Oh how happy I was!
You were once a vagrant embodiment –
an image created by an endless desire,
and just like a work of art,
you were formless yet boundless.
When I stepped out of that dungeon
I became a hopeless, lonely wanderer
until our paths crossed that one sweet day.
You found me, I got you.
Destiny made a way for us, you know.
I was seeing the best in you
and that was the happiest days I had.
I took a deep breath
while seeing how you weathered the storm.
Holding your hand all the way,
I knew you survived the test
but it was just seemingly an irony
that a happy ending belied forever.
Our story ended
on the day you found yourself.
A time of rebuilding one’s self
on the middle of certainty.
Your eyes – too vibrant
spoke of a journey succeeded.
A happy man stood proudly
while waiting for the rain to stop.
I passed by you
and in an unforgettable moment
no string of connection was felt.
“I have to say goodbye”, you said.
Only then it became clear to me.
There was never an us,
just an almost love story I assumed we have.

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