Real Talk? ILYSB!

I am not over you.
I still love you.
The day you said otherwise,
my heart was broken.
It was shattered all around.
I spent all days of the week
and all weeks of the month
trying to move on as you wish for me to do
but I didn't.
I can't do it.
Years passed by so fast
yet this feelings I have for you seems to last.
TBH I really do love you, I guess
and I wish IRL you can feel the same way too.
SRY for all the pain I have caused you.
IDK what to do if you are not with me
and I am not with you.
I just want to stay true.
YOLO! So let's taste the sweetness of love together now.
I hope we can make it even better.
Would you still believe in me?
Would you still Trust me again and again?
because RT! ILYSB.

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