Forgiveness Freedom Hapiness & Contentment Self Realizations

Philosophy of a Brokenhearted Girl (Entry # 2)

Note to Self

Hey you! Yes you! Don’t you ever feel shattered, because you are not scattered. In this battle arena where everyone’s struggling for survival. Don’t you ever look for other’s approval. Don’t you ever feel grey when you feel not okay. Because it’s just normal to feel so dark and gloomy. Hey listen! You can shed tears. It is not overacting, when you are just feeling each emotion inside of you. Honey, that is being You. Don’t change your disposition just because you want others to feel you. It is not your fault when they can’t. It is not your fault if they won’t. You are special. There is so much in you who is captivating. Your flaws, may not be a gloss but its beautiful. Your imperfections, may not be perfection but they are a masterpiece. Your uniqueness, may not be liked by everyone but who cares? Your being different, may not be translucent but its magnificent. Your depression, may not be felt positively by others but its your sanity. Your honesty, may not be deeply appreciated but its life. The world has a lot to offer for you so stay alive!

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