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To Whom It May Concern

To Whom It May Concern:

I know that you feel like I talked about you. I know that you’re thinking I’m thinking of you too. I know that you’re trying to make yourself believe that you still matter to me. I know your wishful thoughts are making you happy by entertaining false hopes.

Enough! Do you hear yourself? You sound like a crazy person. Do you see yourself? You look like a pathetic believer. Can’t you understand the reality now? Can’t you feel the truth embracing your mind? Why don’t you just accept it? What’s hard to understand?

You keep on amusing yourself with some favorable thoughts just to assure yourself that you still have something to hold on to. You continue to reach out for someone who’s totally out of your life just to feed your fantasy. Oh merciful heaven! I hope the God of Truth, Apollo will come and visit you in your dreams and tell you the truth. You have to wake up. Everything is just a dream.

The world keeps on turning. It won’t stop just because you feel like it had. It won’t turn back time just to give way to your fanciful yearnings. Time flies just like the person who chose not to be with you because of your unworthiness. Enough of those sleepless nights thinking someone will come back. Enough of those imaginative hours wishing for a happy ending. Enough of hoping that your paths are meant to cross. Enough of praying that love will grow. Enough of staying in love with someone who will never love you back. There’s neither to keep nor to hope for simply because it has ALWAYS BEEN A ONE-SIDED LOVE AFFAIR.

Just because of some pertinent writings that you have read, just because of some meaningful actions that were shown, and just because some revealing words have been said, you have no right to be ambitious. They do not necessarily point towards you. It was all a product of wrong thoughts and false hopes.

If you think this one’s for you, YOU HAVE A PROBLEM! Everything is not always about you. Stop assuming.

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