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Thoughts from Emptiness

:#☆ Why do you write?
:¿♡ Because it’s the only thing I’m good at.
:#☆How did you know that you’re good in it?
:¿♡ I received some commendations from my teachers and other people who have read my works.
:#☆ What do you usually write?
:¿♡ All my thoughts about anything I see, whether others understand it or not as long as I have something to write, that’s it.
:#☆ Do you think you’re a born writer? Why?
:¿♡ Yes. As I said earlier, it’s the only thing I’m good at.
:#☆ Any accolades for your works?
:¿♡ None.
:#☆ If you believe that you’re good in writing, why is it that you haven’t received any awards?
:¿♡ You know, if you ask that question maybe 5 years ago I would tell you that I’m hurt every time I think of that. I strongly believe that writing is the only talent I have but neither one award was given to me nor I have won in any writing contest. But as I grow older, I’ve learned to accept that people have different standards. I can’t force the jury to like my work. I write because there are thoughts that needed to be put in words regardless of how readers will accept them.
:#☆ I can sense that writing is your passion. But why choose it as a job too? You could’ve chosen other well-paying jobs, you know.
:¿♡ My happiness is in writing.
:#☆ Can it satisfy your needs? Can writing feed you?
:¿♡ No. There are times I’m starving but writing feeds my mind, my readers’ mind. That’s enough for me.
:#☆ You can never be rich for being a writer. Why did you remain as one?
:¿♡ I don’t intend to accumulate riches. My works are my wealth. I am happy whenever I write and that happiness can never be bought even by massive gold.
:#☆ They say writing is for lazy people. Your thoughts?
:¿♡ They are entitled to have their own opinion. I don’t write because I want to gain their respect. I write for the few who are in the same world as mine.
:#☆ For the few? Are you insinuating that only few people understand your works?
:¿♡ We all have different lives and struggles. I don’t expect everyone to understand all my works. That’s what I meant.
:#☆ Were there times when you copied the writing style of your favorite writer?
:¿♡ Yes. I was too tied up with his style that I wasn’t able to realize that I’m already copying it when I did my own work.
:#☆ In what writing style would you like to be remembered?
:¿♡ I don’t know. It hasn’t crossed my mind that…. I will be remembered.
:#☆ Why is that?
:¿♡ That’s far-reaching.
:#☆ How do you handle pressure?
:¿♡ That’s a hard question. Let’s put it this way: whether I’m pressured or not, when the need to write arises, I can still produce outputs. I don’t know if I answered your question.
:#☆ Somehow, yeah. Do you write to impress or express?
:¿♡ Both. I express my thoughts while trying to impress myself.
:#☆ What’s hard in writing?
:¿♡ Sometimes the ideas are overwhelming that I have to stop EVERYTHING I’m doing but oftentimes they’re scarce that even if I bang my head on the wall, nothing comes out.
:#☆ How emotional are you as a writer?
:¿♡ I’m more of a rational writer. I rarely use my emotions.
:#☆ Emotions attach readers to your work. Why disregard it?
:¿♡ I write my opinions about something, not how I feel about it.
:#☆ Do you have any disappointment as a writer?
:¿♡ Seeing this scenario: an illiterate person struggling to read a book while a literate person collecting books without reading them.
:#☆ At this juncture of our conversation, is there any piece of thought you want to write or publish?
:¿♡ Our conversation. I’m publishing it.
:#☆ What?
:¿♡ I am currently in a state of writer’s block. Got no other ideas as of now, just this one.
:#☆ What kind of knowledge would your readers gain from this?
:¿♡ Things that are yet unwritten.
:#☆ You sound absurd.
:¿♡ Because I’m a writer.

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