Love Reminiscence

When She Cries

Everybody’s not perfect, everybody’s has its flaws. I saw your flaws and you barely told me about them all, even your darkest side. I was amazed when you told me and at the same time, a little bit confused. As time passes by the close book slowly turn its page in front of me and you are a closed book indeed. You began to trust me and likewise, I did the same thing.

I don’t know where it started but I woke up one day realizing I already love you. This love is getting stronger day by day and I can’t help it. I choose to keep it by myself until I decided to tell you about my feelings towards you. I got rejected for the first time in my entire life. But as days go by I still don’t know why I still feel like not giving up on you. I stayed instead of forgetting you, I stayed instead of forgetting my feelings towards you. Years had passed and your answer was still a no.

I admit there were times I wanted to give up but something is pushing me not to do so. Until you told me and showed some actions that merely saying I have a chance within your heart, that finally, I began to find a place within your heart. I was happy about that day, somehow my efforts slowly paid off. You’re not that close book anymore from what I saw before and you totally trust me until I broke those trust of yours.

I love you but I admit I broke your heart and trust because of one mistake. And that mistake suddenly ruins the foundation that I built from you for too long. I’m sorry I didn’t mean to do that on you. I forgot to respect you as a woman even though I love you. I forgot to respect your darkest past and you’re not yet that ready to tell them all. I’m sorry for being impatient and forcing you to pressure your self.

You’re still confused indeed by your past and I can’t blame you. How I wish I could turn back time by not forcing you, by allowing time to heal your broken past. If I was given a chance I’ll pick it up but now I can no longer undo what I have done unto you. The only thing that beats me now is regrets. We’re not the same as before and I know you no longer trust me.

I never imagined hurting you and never imagined seeing a woman you love cried and wipe her tears in front of you because of a careless mistake. I also hate myself realizing what I’ve done unto you. Guilt was all over me and I can’t blame this kind of consequences. A woman’s tears pierce my heart for the first time in my entire life when she cries a part of me also bleeds.

I never want to see you that way, but I did anyway. I still hope it’s not too late for us. Maybe we can start all over again, maybe we can forgive each other’s mistake and start a new beginning. Maybe we can let go of those hurting memories that once eat us whole. Maybe this time we’re ready to heal the broken pieces of our hearts.

There are too many maybe that runs inside my head right now but I know it’s not that easy to forget the pain I caused you. I’m just praying it’s not too late between us. And if I’m given a chance I’ll prove that you can still trust me. I’m only human and prone of making a mistake. I’ve learned from my mistakes.

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