Love Reminiscence


If you’re happy seeing me this way, go on.
I’ll paint a smile over my aching heart.
Tears will never show up, I’ll eventually keep them inside.
I will keep them inside even sadness drowns me.

Every time lightning flashes outside the window
Memories flare up like bubbles in the air.
The sunset no longer amazed me
As you told me the word “goodbye.”

I tried to hold your hands and never let go
I don’t even look back from your darkest past
And don’t tell me about them for I want you in the present
But lies and broken trust came, enough then to kill us both.

And all along I thought my hands began to fit with yours
But then I shatter and hurt you.
Don’t blame me either for something you did.

They say time will heal all the wounds and pain
Yet the wings of time can never mend the broken pieces of my heart
For the hurricane inside my mind
Slashed the home I built for myself for a long time.

When you’re lost, you find out who you are.
And when you’re known, you lose yourself either.
But when I stand in the shadow of the moon
There is nothing more visible than the sky full of lights.

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