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Language of Fools

Language of Fools-thespokensilence.com

I’ve waited for you
but not even your shadow showed up.
I’ve waited for you
but you left me alone in the middle of the rain.
The heavy downpour danced with me
as my tears vied with the rain’s cadence.
You didn’t come, my love
but I still waited…

I’ll wait for you –
at the end of the uncertainty
and above the clouds of confusion.
I’ll wait for you –
despite the pain inside me,
despite the fears that stop me.
I’ll wait for you –
no matter what it takes,
no matter who will stand against my way.
I’ll wait for you –
even though you didn’t say it,
even if I know it will be impossible.
The language of waiting is likened to a fool:
someone who doesn’t know the price he has to pay.
Better to do something than wait for nothing;
I am not guaranteed with a success
But you are always worth my time.
I don’t mind being called a fool
because I love you.

I’ll wait for you…
in that familiar rendezvous.
Please come home, my love.

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