Freedom Love

His Greatest Play

His Greatest

Beneath the misty moonlit
I stood alone waiting to be hit.
Taking all the anger within me
I told time to let things be.

Shouting with all the forces I have,
I cursed this thing called love.
Finally taking one step away
I wish I’ll never meet any day.

I’d love to know I never existed
and feel like I’m always bested.
You’ve taken all my best
and killed the glory of my zest.

I hope you’re happy now
after you’ve taken a bow.
T’was a well-crafted show,
as secrets were uncloaked so slow.
You deserve those clamoring claps,
as you watch me suffering from mishaps.

Why? No. I mustn’t ask.
You love hiding behind that mask.
I swore I’ll never run and hide,
obviously I just lied.
I’m tired of your games,
of being one of your dames.

As you gaze into my eyes
the look of love in you slowly dies.
I don’t know you anymore.
You’ve just become a stranger, now and forevermore.

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