Courage Love Regrets

A Note to Cecilio

A Note to

I’ve got a note for you, Cecilio. It says:
“By the time this note reaches you, I am on way to the road-of-the-lost-souls. I’m leaving. One day I just woke up with the thought of going away. I don’t have a particular place in mind but I think I badly need to do this. I know it’s not manly to just leave this note without facing you. You know, these past few weeks I’ve been struggling a lot to hold on…to you. I tried to keep pace with your footprints but you’re already too far. You’ve gone to places you’ve promised to travel together with me. You were used to be alone that you forgot I was always at your side. You forgot to love me but I did my best to let you feel I was there with you. Did I miss something? You’ve changed a lot that one day I was taken aback of the stranger in front of me. I didn’t know what happened. You never let me in. You just told me to watch you. I was contented with just a sight of you. I was there, through ups and downs because I want to be with you every moment of your life. I chose to understand the worst in you, to accept the best in you, to love the way you are and to forgive the mistakes you made. I gave you my all, without question and doubt, just sincerity and purity. But why? My dear Cecilio, you wasted my love. You laughed at me like I was a total fool for being so in love with you. You pushed me away like I was nothing. Maybe, you just played a big joke on me. Do you know why I did not face you to say goodbye? It’s because I might not go if I see you. That’s how much I love you but you don’t know how to love. I’ve loved you in ways I know but it seemed it wasn’t enough for you. I admit, I still love you but I’m tired.”

Cecilio, it seems like you broke somebody’s heart. So I say, you don’t know the damage you’ve caused someone until it happens to you. It is the primary reason why I am here.

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