6 Hard Things About Love

It is just composed of four letters but it takes a lifetime to know its definition. Love is mysterious that it’ll take you to unfamiliar and intricate feelings. It cannot be bought because precious. It’s everywhere but only a few have found it. Regardless of your own definition, I think you’ll agree that love isn’t an easy thing to handle. A simple word but it has changed many people. I have listed down some hard things about love. Take time reading these things and see if you’ve gone through at least one thing.

1. You cannot teach your heart who to love.
To fall for someone isn’t intentional; it just happens and is beyond our control. While it is a personal feeling, society sometimes tends to make standards. People will have something to say. “Why him? Mr.D is a lot better.” It is true also that love is a choice but is that choice worth your happiness? No one can say when your heart would flutter for someone. Love is something we cannot force to happen, so does our emotions to feel for someone.

2. No matter how great a relationship is, when it has to end, it has to end.
Let’s accept it. It’s not always a happy ending. There are moments wherein parting is necessary not because there’s something wrong but because it’s not meant to be. They say that out of billions of people, there is that one person you were born for. With that, you’ll always find yourself in the wrong relationship until you find that perfect match. No matter how hard your relationship will become if it’s meant to be, it’s worth it.

3. The pain of letting go
While it is true that love brings happiness, it also has pain in it. Pain in love teaches us to be stronger but sometimes it has become too much. Saying goodbye to someone we used to love, we are still in love with is painful. No matter how much we want to stay in a relationship when the other half chooses to let go and we are left fighting alone, we also need to let go. It’s because we love them too much that we want to give them their happiness, even that happiness does not include us anymore. At the end of it all, it’s the memories that are killing us.

4. Finding reasons to hold on
It’s not easy to let go especially when our hearts are still saying he’s worth the fight. Despite how the situation is hurting us, our hands are still gripping to that hope that things will turn out all right. No matter how they push us away, we always find reasons to come back and wait. We know that at the end of that waiting lane there is no certainty, but we still hold on because we still love them.

5. Closure needs time.
The damage has been done. It’s not easy to forgive and forget. You’ve gone through a lot and the doors to acceptance have been slammed for a while. It’s not going to be easy to push things back the way they were used to be. We’ve hurt people, we’ve put ourselves in an inappropriate situation. All of that need enough time. Above it all, we’re still wishing for healing and when that happens, everything’s going to be fine.

6. The battle between emotions and reasons
Love requires a decision. Only two things help us in deciding: emotions and reasons. Sometimes, it’s inevitable that we’ll be put in a conflicting situation. A circumstance wherein we need to choose between what our heart is saying and what our mind is dictating. We’re confused which to follow because the moment we choose one over the other, something will be compromised and sacrificed. In the end, you know you’re still going to choose what will make you happy, right?

A brave heart is the one that continues to love despite the heartaches it went through. A heart that does not fear rejection and pain, but a heart that faces uncertainties and hardships. Try to fill your heart with love because you’ll never know how many lives you can change.
Own that brave heart dear. The world is already full of hatred. It needs you.

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