Courage Hope Love


Silence is my only friend
walking through time, in a loop.
I fall; but there is no one brave enough to rescue me.
I cied for help; but there is no one willing to gamble.

Silence is my only companion.
swimming on the waves of sadness, in a deep ocean.
I'm drowning; but each time I scream
there wasn't a single voice coming out of my mouth.
I'm sinking; but with each move of survival my hope fails.

Silence is my great confidante.
Human as I am that is bound to make mistakes.
I'm about to give up; but the coldness of the night pushes me to just go on.
I'm about to bag down; but the subtle feeling of being alone envelopes my soul.

Silence is my hope.
the slightest hope there is in my entire world.
Amidst all the shakes and slopes I've been through in life.
The spirit of brevity and courage to just love, lifted me up.

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