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Philosophy of a Brokenhearted Girl (entry #1)

I am writing all my heart out through all the pains; the heartaches; the dramas; the letting go’s; the giving up’s; all the what if’s and why’s, life punches me along the way.

I am Miss Brokenhearted Girl, let me have this philosophy about love. Be drowned into the deepest ocean of self-realization towards never losing faith on love itself. I will be sharing my sentiments about Love itself and the things that complicates around it. I hope to clear every vague minds and to shed joys to each pains, the brokenhearted suffers on their journey to True Love.

Here’s for those who’s afraid of loving and trusting again and again:

Don’t be afraid to love again. It is just one honest mistake and you can’t definitely ignore a school of fish in the ocean just because of a single misrouted fish which spoils you. If you love to swim in the thought of true love, no matter how deep the set backs might get, you will still see yourself diving into it.

Don’t close your door for loving again and again just because you’ve been hurt many times. Don’t doubt yourself to Trust even if someone betrays you about a million times. Don’t be afraid to give chances and don’t you count the chances you’ll give, for as long as you love someone deeply and truly there will be no conditions at stake.

Loving deeply is the only thing in this world that we can be proud of. Maybe someday, someone will come and will definitely stay. It might be also, someday in God’s perfect and right time, the one’s who leave us will come back and will mean to stay beside us. They’ll take the courage to fight for us, through the thickest and thinnest situation we’ll face in the future. Please never lose hope to love over and over again.

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