5 Common Lies We Tell

We must admit it. We lie. Lying is intentional because reasons push us to. Whatever reasons we have, the act is still wrong. We’ve been taught not to do it but sometimes we have to. With regards to that, here are some common lies we often tell others. Which among these do you often tell?
1. I’m okay.
It’s a common response whenever we are asked of “How are you?” It’s a passive-aggressive statement that requires the receiver to read between the lines. Sometimes we also say this to ourselves to calm our emotions and to hide our pain. In the end, we know we’re not fine. Maybe we just need space or we don’t want to talk about something.

2. I’m on my way.
It’s becoming so common that it becomes unbelievable. When our friends would ask where we are, we can’t give the exact location. We try to hide our laxity through this statement. Our friends, on the other hand, keep on anticipating and waiting for us until they become impatient. Eventually, they’ll get used to this excuse. It’s already overused yet we love using this over and over again.

3. It’s not you, it’s me.
Let’s be honest about it. It’s really you. Either we don’t want to hurt someone or we don’t want to tell them what’s really wrong that we choose to say this. There are certain things that are painful to hear. However, don’t you think he/she deserve an honest explanation even for the last time?

4. I love you.
These three words are very meaningful. Their impact is influential. You know, they can heal a heart. On the contrary, it has been easier to say these words without pondering whether the feelings are true and sincere. Once they’re said, they can’t be taken back. But still, many are still fooled every time these words are being uttered.

5. I didn’t do it.
This lie is quite defensive. Whenever something happens, (either something was broken or something fell and it happens that you were the closest person to the area), all eyes are on you. It’s natural to be defensive but you have to admit it, you did it, right? You just don’t want to be reprimanded.

Regardless of our reasons for lying, I hope a ray of light would shine on us to remind us that we have to be honest with ourselves and with others too. Mistakes are lessons. We can’t always cover them with our lies. We need to face them.

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