Courage Hope Love

When will I feel okay?

When will I be okay?
I actually don't know when.
with each move I make, it reminds me of your actions.
with each song I hear, It reminds me of your voice.

Are you Happy?
feeling okay but deep inside its too weary.
I know there's a little love left for you to feel.
Yet there's a lot that keeps you holding back.

I want to hug you goodbye
and do kiss you so long for farewell.
I'll die with just a thought of you leaving 
but death is nothing as long as you are feeling good.

If your happiness is me parting
I'll pack up my things and go happily.
I just want you to be happy.
If my love is pain for you, it's like a poison killing me too.

Let's just settle for loving each other's ownself first.
Then, let's see if we can still work things together out
for trust to bloom and for love to bosom
in their most perfect seasons.

I have never been more sure in my entire life than loving you.
And so, if it takes a lifetime to wait for your love.
I will. 
because God's time and will are the perfect ones.


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