Courage Forgiveness Hope Regrets

Can We just Pretend?

Can we pretend like we’re deeply in love
and don’t want to say goodbye to each other?
never thinking what lies ahead behind us
just feeling and savoring happiness as if nothing happened
as if we’re not both hurt
as if we’re not both wounded by lethal words
as if we’re strong enough to just take a rest and not to quit at all.

Can we just pretend like this?
Your hands holding mine, lying on our bed wearing a smile;
giving you a hug and kissing you on the forehead,
just smiling and pretending that there’s love
I’ll kiss you sweetly then, and please turn those kisses into my cold lips.
Just think of happy thoughts so that your tears won’t fall
And as we lay in bed,
let us delete those feelings of pain.
Let them be hidden into a jar
and I’ll throw it away
just to make you stay.
I’ll make those pretentious time be authentic and anew.
My love, we can make it through
just believe in me and I’ll love you like you do at the very first time
just love me like you did before.

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