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Epic Fail: 7 Absurdities of Philippine Politics

Epic Fail: 7 Absurdities of Philippine

Its election season here in the Philippines! Given the fact that it’s a democratic country, everyone enjoys the right to suffrage. Throughout the years, Philippine politics has become interesting yet suffocating. There are a lot of concerns but nothing has changed. Should I say that the force of those who want change is not enough to create an impact? Well, let me enumerate some notable practices and observations I have seen:
1. Politics as an extension of family and business empire.
It’s undeniable that politics gives influence and power. It’s not a surprise either to hear news about killings of politicians. It could have been a good venue for public service but it’s not what’s happening now. Some provinces are being controlled by certain families. All their members are running for different positions. A brave move was already done to abolish political dynasty but lawmakers (who will pass it) are from political dynasties too. Ironic, isn’t it?

2. Yesterday he wore a white shirt, today he wears yellow.
Are you familiar with political turncoats? They are the ones who go with the dominant political party. In the last election, you can see them joining the previous administration’s party but when things have changed after the next election, they’re gone. They have already jumped to the bigger ship. No friendship and affiliation are permanent.

3. The stupidity and novelty of campaign jingles
Campaign jingles are not for platform purposes. Politicians choose the most popular song then make something “remarkable” out of it like dancing, singing and all. You can rarely hear their platforms being included, the instead you’re seeing their “other side” as they say. Come to think of it: will there be any progress if we will vote for those who are good at dancing? Mmmmm?

4. The more issues against you, the more popular, the more chances of winning.
Track record isn’t always a basis. Oftentimes, names are more important. Traditional politicians have the advantage while the newbies have to strive harder to let themselves be known. No name, small chance. There are also instances wherein the legacy of their parents is being used to attract voters. The question is: How certain are that he/she has the same qualities like that of his/her parents?

5. A criminal record or other offenses? Don’t worry. You can still run.
You only need to qualify for the residency, age and literacy standards to run. Almost everyone can run. The loophole is in the system itself. Offenders are given the chance to play as victims of political persecution. Others would even say, this is a free nation. Would you risk the future of our nation to those who are tainted with corruption?

6. Pre-election: Long live!
Post-election: Resign!
Over the years, people tend to ask for a perfect government. One mistake is all it takes to ruin the good ones. Sometimes when our wants and concerns are not solved, we complain until it’ll become a habit. Along the road, we shout at our public servants. Freedom of speech is exercised, that’s good but have you ever thought that we were the ones who put them there?

7. Vote buying is illegal but rampant.
Money can manipulate voters. During the election, people will flock in a certain area, form a line to get their “fund”. That’s vote buying and people know about it but no one’s been arrested because no one reports. It’s part of the election system already, regardless of how illegal it may be. It’s widely practiced.

Our taxes are the life of the government. Make sure your taxes won’t be taken into their own pockets. Change must start within us no matter how small our efforts are, we must do the right thing. Stop blaming the government for the country’s miseries; instead, start cultivating the sense of responsibility. Make that happen by voting wisely.

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