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Playful Chances


What are the chances of seeing you again?
Two worlds once crossed and two lives were never the same again. When love opened its sweetest surprise, two lives became happier. A promise of forever was sealed. But when time chose to manipulate things, both chose to let go and run away. Promises were broken, leaving each heart incomplete. Thoughts then played their part. They kept on reminding each mind of the beautiful memories. Deep within, the desire of seeing each other grew. When they met at the crossroad, they’ve realized they’re already strangers. Will you grab the chance of a second possibility or let bygone days be bygone days?

How will you know if it’s the right time?
In an unprecedented circumstance, you fell for someone. A sporadic moment that brought excitement and happiness to you. You forgot that the world was watching you because you felt you owned every second. He’s different and the feelings were spontaneous. They said maybe he’s the right one. You never opposed the idea because you felt it too. He changed your world. It was as if the universe was yours. However, the truth remained. You were owned by someone else. The right one has come but not at the right time. Will you choose the right one and make the timing right? Or will you stay with the one who’s already in front of you?

Does everyone deserve a second chance?
He left you without explanation. You begged him to come back but he didn’t. You needed to accept the fact that it’s over… without knowing why it has to end. You have a lot of questions but not even one was answered. Until you got tired of running after someone who didn’t want to be chased. You have to stop because you already looked like a total fool. You allowed time to take over. One day, your paths crossed and suddenly he confessed his love again, asking for another chance from you. You’ve been waiting for those words since the time he left. He came back by the time you have already moved on. Will you listen to him once more or will you allow yourself to love someone else?

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