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10 Things I Learned after College

10 things I learned after

Upon leaving the portals of the academic world, another world opens. It brings a rainbow of emotions as different challenges and realities drastically surge in. For someone who’s experiencing life after college, allow me to share with you some thoughts I’ve wondered about.
1. The best and worst days of your life are yet to unfold.
Be ready for countless rejections and failures. Nobody is an exemption to that. Likewise, be grateful for the blessings and successes. Everybody is deserving of that. Your life is going to be one hell of a roller coaster ride. It may sound adventurous but it’s not going to be easy. Brace yourself.
2. Credentials do matter but they’re not everything.
A good scholastic record can create a good impression. However, being an achiever is not a guarantee of survival in the working arena. You have to work hard to gain your colleagues’ approval and respect. They don’t have any idea how great you were in your past life, so you have to prove that to them.
3. Learn to take risks.
Taking risk is vital. There are plenty of opportunities and you’re not meant to stay in the same place forever. Mediocrity is a safe zone but learn to break free. If you’re going to be afraid to embrace changes, what will happen to you? You need to grow.
4. Patience is a virtue.
You can’t have everything you want. I understand that you have your timeline but the realities of life are not always your allies. Be flexible and realistic because you’ll just get tired and frustrated. Learn to wait for your own clock.
5. Relax
Clouds of confusions and doubts will surely knock you down. You’ll even ask yourself if you’re doing the right thing or going on the right direction. A lot of questions will come on your way. Sometimes, you don’t even know what you want. Don’t panic. It’s normal. You need to be composed to have some time to think things over.
6. Know whose opinions matter.
Everyone will have everything to say. People will judge you regardless of the merit and triviality of your actions. Accept constructive criticisms and ignore unimportant ones.
7. Your life is your own responsibility.
Own your mistakes and failures because nobody will do that for you.
8. Keep fighting and never give up.
It sounds cliché but it’ll help. Mental toughness is a key factor in facing hardships. Life is a war and the moment you surrender, you lose.
9. Love yourself
You’re not perfect but at least accept your imperfections. You need to rebuild yourself once in a while to nurture your self-worth. Your limitations will impede you that’s why you have to foster your strengths. Not everyone will love you but you know you still have yourself in the end.
10. Live and enjoy life.
Do the things you’ve been wanting to do. You only live once, and second chances are rare. You have responsibilities, yes but it doesn’t mean you’ll deprive yourself in enjoying your own life. There’s nothing wrong in spending your hard-earned salary through traveling, eating and etc. You deserve a break, you should know that.

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