Death Regrets

Poetic Justice


“Do not judge the book by its cover. Let’s love and respect our neighbors regardless of their looks, beliefs, and opinions. May God be with you.”
“And also with you.”
The mass ended earlier than its usual time.
“Mrs. Valderrama, can I have a minute with you?”
“Sure Father. What can I do for you?”
“I just want to thank you for the big help you’ve done for the church. Your donation will surely help our advocacies. Thank you. God bless you, Mrs. Valderrama.”
“It’s not a big deal Father. It’s a responsibility and part of my service to God.”
After the conversation, she immediately went to the market to buy foods to celebrate her daughter’s latest achievement. Mara, her only child will be graduating Suma Cum Laude. As a proud mother, it is only right that a small party should be held for her. The scorching heat of the sun, however, seemed going on her opposite way. It’s been irritating her, including the noisy and crowded market. While going towards the meat section, somebody bumped into her. When she looked back, a small boy with tattered clothes, dirty hands looked at her pitifully.
“I’m sorry. I did not mean to hurt you. I’m sorry.”
“Next time, make sure you’re looking on your way!”
Her anger was uncontrollable. The boy pissed her off. Since everyone was looking at her, she left the boy and headed towards the meat section.
“3 kilos of meat, that’s 720 pesos.”
She looked for the wallet in her bag to pay for the meat. But it wasn’t there. She looked for it everywhere but she couldn’t find it either. She remembered very well that her wallet was in her bag. Until she recalled the small boy who bumped at her earlier.
“That thief!”, she said in utmost rage.
She went away and looked for the small boy. She roamed around to check every corner until she reached the terminal section. She saw the boy sitting while eating some bread.
“That’s my money!”
When she got nearer, she held the boy’s hand and grabbed him forcefully.
“Give my wallet back to me! You thief!”
“I didn’t steal anything. I didn’t steal anything.”
“Stop denying it! You intentionally bumped me to snatch my wallet inside my bag. Give it back to me!”
The boy was already crying because of fear and pain. Her hand gripping tightly in his hand while her long nails were deeply buried in his wrist created wounds in the boy’s hand. While forcing him to return the wallet, she felt a little pain in her hand. The boy had bitten her and had managed to escape from her grip.
“Catch him! He’s a thief!”
The other bystanders heard her scream. They immediately ran after the boy. She kept on following the captivators to keep a trail on the boy. While struggling to run away from the men, the boy slipped and fell on the ground.
“I didn’t steal anything, madam. I didn’t steal anything. I didn’t steal anything.”
“Stop denying it! You were the only one who had close contact with me earlier! You liar! Give it back to me! I need my money!”
While approaching the boy, he kept on struggling to move away. When he attempted to stand and run away again, a rushing vehicle suddenly appeared and bumped into him. All in a sudden, the road was filled with gushing blood from the boy’s injured head. Everyone stood silent.
“He’s dead. There’s no pulse anymore.”, said the rescue team.
Upon hearing that, she felt relieved. She felt that the boy deserved that tragedy.
“That’s what you get for stealing.”
When she reached their home, she was welcomed by her husband who seemed upset.
“What’s with that face?”
“You forgetful woman. You left your wallet at the table. You didn’t realize that?”
“I… I left my wallet here? I really did?”
“What happened to you? I just said it! It’s yours right?”
It’s really hers. The wallet she’s been looking for…and it’s been in their house. Suddenly, she remembered the boy who died. She dragged the innocent boy into this mess. He died… and his words, his only words “I didn’t steal anything” kept ringing on her head.
“What have I done?”
She couldn’t tell her husband about it. She couldn’t accept what happened. She did something terribly wrong.
“Lia! Lia!”
“Why? What is it?”
“Mara is dead! Our daughter is gone!”
“What? How come?”
“The taxi she was riding got into an accident. She was declared dead on arrival.”
She was dumbfounded. Her only child, the joy of her life is gone. No words would come out of her lips. She was devastated. Her knees were trembling, her hands were shaking. She couldn’t believe everything she heard.
“Lia! Lia! We need to go to the morgue. We need to see our daughter.”
“What have I done?! Of all people, why choose my daughter?! Why? Why?”
While heading outside, the memory of a small boy in tattered clothes filled with blood all over his body was clearly recalled.
“I didn’t steal anything. I didn’t steal anything….”, was all she ever heard.

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