Journey Religion

Eastern Candle lights
Blinded by the incandescent light of your grace
I'm standing diligently on your door waiting for some trace
I had a solid stance of a mighty warrior
While you are above all our kings and saviors.

Through all Your body's pains and wounds, You stayed
Through all the weeping and gnashing of people's judgment, You hailed.
Through your death thy holiness was resurrected
With great valor you faced being persecuted.

Oh! Thy ladies cried and their tears fueled your divinity
Human's cruelty killed You yet You saved their liberty.
Why do you always love thy people?
When You know they'll make you suffer through crucifixion?

The odds and ends of human life is full of sorrow
Yet all Your sufferings are resurrected every 40 days of lenten season.
Do our repentance and sacrifices tantamount Your agony?
Or we're just poor sinful souls waiting for Your grace and mercy.

We light this Eastern candle of Eve on Your altar
Let thy flame burn our first evident sins into ashes.
We come in greatest honor of Your divine intervention
So let thy candle heal all Your wounds and our sorrow.

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