Life Self Realizations

A Time for Self Love

A Time for Self

I’m sorry for giving you the burden of trying to fix my broken entity. Maybe one day I’ll be okay and ready to face the ironies of life. My dear heart, sorry for all the pain. I’m sorry for hurting you this way, for hurting you always. I just want you to be loved by someone. I killed my old self for searching happiness around me for you to feel love. I tried to cover the loneliness deep within my soul. I’ve crossed some boundaries for searching love and happiness. Sadly, I found nothing but pain and disappointments. I thought everything starts to fall into place when someone loves me, but I was wrong about this. I gave all my love for them but love seemed not enough. Relationships suck and I never imagined that. I never hate them for hurting me, for not loving me. I hate myself for giving all that I have despite being unappreciated. I fell in love with the wrong people, I guess or probably I pushed myself on them. All I want is to be loved back the way I let them feel the love I have. Oh, dear heart, I’m sorry for wasting too much time falling in love with someone who doesn’t love me back. Maybe one day someone will fill the missing pieces of my life, but for now, I guess it’s time for me to love myself more. I don’t want to lose myself in something or someone anymore. Maybe someday the time will pull me at the right track. This time towards the right people, places, and situation.

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