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What If?

At the end of your comfort zone, of the walls you’ve built to stop others from penetrating, of the rules you’ve made to discipline yourself… there is a life that has been waiting to unfold. You’ve been waiting for that too but since you haven’t gone out of your cocoon, you’ve been contented in settling with the thoughts of “What ifs?”. You say you’re a creature of habit and that you like to go steady. You prefer to be conventional in every aspect of your life. You hate or rather fear changes and risks. But have you ever thought of what beautiful adventures can you experience when you just try to defy your “world”? Surely, you have thought of that but you’re still afraid.

While you remain grateful for what is, you can’t help yourself from dreaming for some what ifs. You have dreams but because you continue to find excuses from achieving them, you haven’t gone far. You’re stuck in daydreaming and imaginings. While it is true that our dreams are often at odds with our realities, don’t let anyone limit your dreams. It’s not going to be easy, you’ll experience highs and lows but you’ll get there. You just have to believe that you can. If you’ll give up on your dreams, what’s left now?

The most influential force of living is your dream. But how can you get it when you’re afraid to take risks? Life is about taking risks, fighting without guarantee of winning and choosing happiness despite the challenges. Dreams are motionless; they don’t have feet to enable them to just come to you. They need to be realized and worked hard for. You’ve been waiting for the perfect moment but when it comes, you let your fears dictate your life.

What ifs are the worst. They remind you of the many opportunities you’ve wasted, of the “roads not taken” and of dreams left hanging. They’ve been haunting you, wanting to be free from your thoughts but you still lack action… until you’ve grown afraid of what ifs. You’re afraid of rejection… it’s understandable. Who said that it’s going to be easy, that it’ll be given to you right away? You have to put it this way: you have to work hard for what you want.

Success is far-reaching and rare for fear has become common and powerful. Don’t wait for your dreams to give up on you. In the end, what are you willing to take: the pain of what-ifs or the pain of rejection?

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