She was Yours

She was

To the man before me:
Thank you for letting her go, for she has found a way towards me. Thank you for making her cry, for I was given the chance to wipe away her tears. Thank you for taking for granted the love she had for you. Now, I have all the opportunities to give her the love she deserves. Thank you for turning your back on her. I’ll make sure I won’t do that for I’ll make her my world. Thank you for hurting her because she was able to know that you’re not the right one for her.

I’m not that rich like you but I’ll spend more time with her every day. I’ll let her feel she’s more important and needed in my life. I’m not that romantic for I don’t give flowers and flowery words. I can only be there for her, in her happiness and sorrow. I don’t own a mansion but I’ll build a house full of respect and love regardless of its size. I don’t have a car but I’ll make sure she can explore the world. I am nobody but I’ll give her all of me.

You lavished her with material things but I’ll spend my whole life loving her. I can only love her in the way I know. She will never feel alone and empty in this relationship. I’ll make an effort to know everything about her, from her shallowness to deepness. I’ll treat her like a woman: strong but emotional. She can be whatever she wants to be. Freedom will be all hers for I love her without question and doubt.

I might be ambitious but I just want you to know that you have thrown away what could have been the greatest gem of your life. She is worth more than any treasure. No matter how much money and effort you’ll spend, no matter how you’re going to explore the quests of all the oceans, no matter how you’re going to shovel the lands of the earth, you can never find someone like her. She loved you but you pushed her away. You just made the biggest mistake of your life.

In love sometimes the one who’s meant for us is just right in front of us but we chose to let go. Maybe we thought we could find better, maybe because we don’t want to accept what’s being laid in front of us and maybe because we don’t have enough love to give. We all have to make decisions and for the moment you’ve let go of her hand, I knew that my time has come.

Don’t worry. I’ll make sure I won’t commit the same mistake as you did. She’s right here beside me now, the woman of my dreams and I won’t let her go… ever.

So much thankful,
Her present man

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